Saturday, 17 April 2021

Spotlight on Good Boy doggies!

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support over the latest new release at Carabelle Studio :-) After sharing some initial pics yesterday, I am now focussing on 'Good Boy'.

And there is absolutely nothing not to like about a super-long sausage dog haha! I drew this design with six legs but you know you can always chop them off? Here is long sausage, in her finest pink sweater, striding on a mission ... places to go, people to see ....

The background is the 'All kinds of Everything' stamp but more about that another day.

I put Her Royal Highness of Sausage in my junk journal, which is where a lot of my samples end up. Seems as good a place as any!

This time I kept all six legs. (You need extra legs for stability and support if your body is that long), and put King of the Sausages on a background printed with All Kinds of Everything on a gel plate, and again put it in my junk journal. I borrowed the crown from a previous collection (Here Kitty Kitty)

But I couldn't make my mind up - I thought it would also look good on a plain white greetings card:

How much is that doggie in the window? (Did you ever sing that as a kid?!) Yeah, the one with the waggly tail!

If you have taken my latest class - A Carnival of Carabelle - in celebration of Version Scrap this weekend, then you will know exactly how I made this background using 'Bulles' stencil by Alexis.

Another one for the junk journal:

The new collection has only JUST been released by Carablle and should be with retailers soon. Please check out the Carabelle tab at the top of my blog for links to local retailers (and do let me know of any I have missed!)



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