Thursday, 2 April 2020

Art for Art's sake

Sometimes it is so good to just create for the sake of creating. No pressure. No rules. No deadlines.

All of my work commitments have been cancelled due to the current crisis, which is of course deeply upsetting, but also an opportunity to make art for the sake of making art.

I began a journal with an on-line class with the very inspiring Kasia Avery (Everything Art) last year and began working inside an old book cover on loose pages. In the last few days I have begun splashing a bit of paint around and enjoying the loose scribbly no-rules 'spill your guts' type of art journaling. It is soothing my nerves, calming me down, and keeping me well occupied in these very stressful times.

Funny how old quotes take on a new meaning ....

Not all pages are finished, I'm just letting them evolve. And I'm trying to remind myself that every page does not have to be pretty.

Just look at this quote I found. Apt huh?!


  1. Really cool! Which of Kasia's classes was this? Thanks!

    1. It was inspired by her day by day art journaling class which she held last year and also week 11 - Joy - on Wanderlust 2020. Love her 'let it go' style!


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