Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Gel Press printing with ink sprays!

You know, as soon as I get new mediums to try one of the first things I think is 'Will this work on the Gel plate?' or 'How can I get this to work on the Gel plate?'

In this video I'm using the new (ish) paint sprays by Dina Wakley by Ranger. LOVE them. Messy, and super-colourful.

Here are some of my prints. I LOVE this rainbow one:

And this one looks a bit like the night sky:

I did this with a plastic sink protector:

Mmmm Mmmm look at all this colour:

And if you catch the follow up video (on Saturday) you can see me complete my little teeny tiny project:


  1. Your work always brings a smile to my face and cheer to my heart. So welcome these days!

  2. Love this - the bright colors are a lift, and that little book - delightful!

  3. been following you for years, never disappointed !! thanks for sharing

  4. Just feast your eyes on these delicious prints!

  5. Thank you colour the bring brightness thanks for sharing x


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