Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Drawing .. for the soul.

I've been drawing quite a lot lately. Not for long stretches, and certainly not 'realistic' style  drawing. No, more messing about with whimsical shapes and colours. It is soothing and relaxing, and in these incredibly troubled times it is just what my soul needs.

Over on my facebook group, I am sharing a video of how I created this dreamcatcher, with a template in case you want to cheat ;-)

There is all sorts of lovely art ideas and inspiration so come and join my group! There are a few questions to join, but it's not a test - just trying to keep the annoying spammers out.

See you there!


  1. How I wish I could join you but I am not on Facebook (and not likely to be unfortunately) so will just enjoy seeing this as it is...and it is lovely for sure! Chrisx

    1. Do you use dropbox Chris? It's free - and a good way to share large file sizes. Happy to share with you there. May share on the blog at some point but wanted to just share something with my group on FB for the time being. (BTW - No Version Scrap :-( )


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