Friday, 8 November 2019

Carabelle challenge Day 8 - all about LUUURVE

'My Stamp' by Carabelle Studio
image from 'Lolly Dolly' by me! for Carabelle Studio

It's day 8 already and it's all about love and hearts. Fortunately 'Lolly Dolly' has a hanging heart and I was able to use just part of the image. The great thing about doing a challenge is that it really does force you to think and see and use things in a different way.

See more about the challenge *here* and feel free to join in!

I'm using up lots of my GelPress off-cuts ... I just *knew*they would all come in handy for something lol!

Anyway, have you got an ear worm now? You're welcome ;-)

There's loads of inspiration and really cute ideas on Instagram and Facebook ... just follow the hashtags:

#30daysofATstamps #ATstampswithCarabelle

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  1. Love your "out of the box" thinking. And your background is lovely.


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