Thursday, 8 February 2018

Embracing my inner grunge.

*Watch my latest video for Gel Press here*
Pretty Grunge part 1

As you probably know I recently attended Creativation (formerly CHA) in Phoenix, Arizona with the wonderful Gel Press team. HOW LUCKY AM I?! I had the most amazing time and loved every second. But something else ..... watching the rest of the Gel Press team demo in their own unique way was fabulous, I learned so much from watching everyone. I was able to incorporate some of these amazing discoveries in my latest video, where you can find me embracing my inner grunge. Thanks to Donna Salazar and Sally Lynn MacDonald for the inspiration :-)

I didn't actually know I had inner grunge ... I am usually so obsessed with bright colours and tend to associate grunge with less vivid shades. BUT then I had a go at combining the two.

Here's one of the prints I make in the video.....

And here's what I made with it:

Hope you enjoy my video. Part 2 follows in a couple of days ... watch this space....

And finally, just a few photos of the Gel Press team at Creativation:

Cheryl Boglioli, Donna Salazar, Cat Kerr and Cheryl, Sally Lynn MacDonald and Laurie
Laurie, Kerry Sallee, Sally Lynn, me


  1. Ooo kate!! Embrace that grunge! It suits you! Love love love xx

  2. I love these videos you do for Gel Press. I bought one and then couldn't find anything I liked with it until I started watching your videos. I saw this technique on another You Tube channel, but couldn't quite get it, it was the layers and drying bit each time, but this video has cleared it up, so I'm over the moon I can have a go at it now as I love the old wallpaper look.

  3. You make grunge look so beautiful Kate! Great photos and what a stellar line up of talent on the Gel Press stand - your fabulous artwork showcasing the stand was incredible too! x

  4. What wonder work you do. Love it!! Thank you so much for being so willing to share your talent. I have had a gel press for a long time and never tried it. You are giving me the courage to try!!
    Can I ask what kind of paper you used for the prints? Thanks, Deb

  5. I use a smooth coated card from an Office Supplies store - the type you use for printing from your computer! To be honest I get good results from my gel press whatever paper I use so its best to experiment.


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