Monday, 2 October 2017

Impressed by Impressables!

I think you  might have realised by now that I am in love with gel printing! LOVE. Recently I managed to get hold of some of the Impressables range and decided to have a play. The impressables are gel plates by Gel Press but with a difference - they have a pattern on them which becomes part of your print.

I used Repeating Circles, and also Overlapping Circles to form part of my background, and then I used my mop-up page to make come leaves.

And then I had another go using different colours!

If you would like to see any of my instructional videos for Gel Press I have put them all together on one page for easy-peasy access, so can always find them *here*

And of course, there'll be another video out soon .... just saying.

Byee for now.


  1. I love what you've made Kate but I'm not too sure where the impressables are creating an image. Sorry for sounding so thick. I'm not sure what impressables are but I'm guessing they are similar to embossing folders?? Would help if you had an image of one of the impressables to help identify the pattern on your page?

    1. Hi Chris - I've got a step-by-step video coming up soon (next week) with Gel Press so you should be able to see exactly what I'm talking about! Thanks x

  2. oooh I didn't know about the Impressables so thank you! Your page is so full of glorious layers, colors and movement as usual. And thank you for the videos too:)

  3. As always, your colour choices are beautiful and those leaves are such a wonderful finishing touch! x

  4. I always love your bright colors and playful pages, Kate, and these are wonderful! The Impressables look like a fun addition to the gel printing. Maura


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