Monday, 3 July 2017

Shame on you Photobucket....

Just a quick post to explain the 'unusual' look of my blog recently.

In case you haven't heard the image hosting site Photobucket suddenly updated their terms and conditions WITHOUT WARNING and decided in their wisdom that it would be a good idea to charge $399 per year for third party image hosting. Until you pay (or not as the case may be) all images are removed and replaced with the Photobucket warning logo. Nice.  And they will also bombard your Photobucket library with ads so that you can't even see your own photos.

I can't even begin to imagine whose idea this was and why it was agreed?

As I have absolutely no intention of paying such a huge amount of money for such a shoddy service I will have to try and sort it out. Which is not easy for me as I am technologically challenged!

Please bear with me as I try to unpick this.


  1. Oh noo, shameful behaviour ☹️ That stinks ! X

  2. Oh Kate. This is awful. I empathise with you not wanting to pay such a huge amount. Sounds more like a hacking than the behaviour of a responsible company. I do hope you can get it sorted soon. What a worry for you. xxx

  3. Yes, I'm pretty ticked with photobucket right now too - I hate having to click on adverts to shut them off in order that I can see my photos. Mine is only the free version so I can well appreciate how vexing your issue is, Kate

    All the best


  4. 😡😡😡
    Sorry to hear this. Good luck trying to sort it out. I'm very technically challenged so would have no idea how to go about it 😜Xxx

  5. Good luck Kate. I tried to set up my own WordPress website last year and have given up for now. I'm paying a quarterly charge for the privilege and think blogger is so much easier. Trouble is, I'm told a similar thing could happen and I'd loose my blog. Technology is an absolute pain sometimes. Hope you find a solution.

  6. Hong Hong Pooey.....sounds a right mess my dear....(Pat Crossland)

  7. Can you use Flickr in the UK? There are different "levels" of usage and a lot of my friends use it to share their art work, sewing, knitting and all sorts of things. I have an "account" there and have never had issues. I know Instagram can hold massive amounts of "stuff" so push off Photo Bucket. They are going to lose a lot of customers if they continue in this manner.
    I do hope you recover you photo's of everything Kate. Your hearts sinks at the thought of losing things on computers.
    I do hope you find a solution. Keep Calm. :)

    1. Hi Suzy, thank you for that. I have all of my photos backed up thank goodness. I used photo bucket for third party image hosting - blog buttons, banners etc. I do already have a flickr account but its purpose is slightly different if that makes sense. I think Photobucket have shot themselves in the foot with this!

  8. What incredibly bad behaviour! I hope it all comes good in the end for you.....!

  9. Good luck with sorting it all out. I wondered what had happened, I have the photobucket symbols on my blog from using the code for award badges etc. Now I Know why they are appearing everywhere, rotten to do that without even giving a warning.All the best x

  10. Have you solved that problem yet? We all have to deal with it, and many of us use imgur now - no problems so far!


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