Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Messy collage art journaling

Image from 'Heart wide Open' 

This art journal page was one of those that just seemed to evolve of its own accord, mostly because I was supposed to be dong something else. Oh, I'm very easily sidetracked!
I had just got hold of some fabulous new collage images by Nancy Baumiller of Crowabout Studio B (I love Nancy's stuff!), and also a *new* square black Dylusions journal which was just asking for paint.
Although this new Dylusions journal has black pages, it really makes bright colours pop a bit, and I love the slightly grungy effect of the black showing through the layers of paint. I didn't use any gesso, just straight on with the paint.
I added lots of messy scribbling, and stamping (including my own carved stamps), and my *new favourite* stamp by The Artistic Stamper - Sequin Waste. This is going to be one of my favourite 'go to' stamps, I just know it.

The quote I added with my typewriter, and it is reference to something my teenage kids say. Teenagers sometimes appear to talk in an entirely different language, and I quite often have to look up some of their sayings on-line so I can keep up LOL! Of course the whole point of teen talk is to alienate parents and adults. You are mocked for not understanding their language and sayings but mocked for being totally uncool if you do. You can't win ;-) 
Anyway, 'famalam' is one of my son's sayings. In years to come I will look back on this journal page, and that word will remind me of their teenage days (and how we all survived them).


  1. Replies
    1. Love how the colours pop and so brightly on a black background. Amazing!
      Love the quote - one day they will smile too and not be so cool!!

  2. Love your new collage elements. Great page; had to look up famalam, not heard that one!!

  3. Such a happy page Kate! Love the images also... and now I want a journal with black pages - I never tried working on that. You totally inspired me, I might bind me a 'black journal' this week (as if I haven't enough journals to work in, ha!)


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