Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

Sing me a song by me!
Halloween cube by Daniel Torrente
Journey Collage by Amy Wilson Wellenstein
Design Cube 2 by France Papillon

Happy Halloween everyone! The excitement is building here ... my two teenage children are very much looking forward to the spooky festivities. Halloween is growing in popularity every year in the UK, it's now quite a big celebration. (When I was younger I used to dress up in a bin bag and pretend to be a witch!)

This page is really a variation of my last page (see post here), but I so enjoyed doing it I wanted to try a different version. I love mix and matching stamps, and Stampotique are perfect for this technique! There is something ever so slightly sinister about my 'sing me a song' body when mixed with the skeleton head!

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great weekend!


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