Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy new year!

Large number stamps by Time Holtz
Snowman stamp by Stampotique Originals

Happy new year to you all! Well, after 5 years of creating art calendar pages I couldn't NOT carry on could I?!  Last year got a bit busy in places and I missed a couple of months but rather than looking back, trying to catch up (which is pretty soul destroying) I decided to look ahead and get ready for the next month. Hey, some months completed is better than no months, right?!

Here's a pic of  the page in progress. I never have an idea in mind for my pages, I just started splashing the paint around and see what happens....

So, who's still doing the challenge? We've got a large and very active group on *Facebook here* so come and join us!
You can also find a group on *Flickr here*

As more and more of us seem to be moving over to Facebook to share our calendar pages I will no longer be providing a link on this blog post but do feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your blog :-)

And finally, my on-line buddy Karen shared an idea the other day, which caught my eye, and I can't resist joining in! All you need is a jam jar, and then throughout the year you write down any achievements, things you are proud of, special memories etc, and pop them in the jar. Then on new year's eve 2015 you take them all out, read them and give yourself a pat on the back! Not too arduous, but could be fun!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all have a fabulous and artful 2105 :-)


  1. Great Page! I'm doing a gratitude Jar as well!

  2. Your calendar has the makings of being a real beauty for January. I was a bit sad to read that you will no longer be offering the link, because there are still a few of us who are NOT on either Facebook or Flickr. For me, it's a time concern and a very slow computer. But since I've always just been a blogger, I'll still follow along with your calendar pages, as I complete mine and start my fifth year with you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes I thought long and hard about it. The thing is I have to pay a subscription fee to add links to a blog post and not many people were using it. You can still leave a link here of course :-) And I'm so glad you are still making calendar pages!

  3. Look at you go!! I have not even started mine yet- but I think you have inspired me Kate!! Happy new year- creative wishes and good health to you!! xo

  4. Great page Kate, I love those colourful squares!
    Been jotting my daily happenings down for when I get a chance to make my Jan page :-)
    Happy new year.
    Alison x

  5. Hi, Kate! I've got mine done, just haven't uploaded it to the Flickr page yet. Happy, Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for a great year of CREATING in 2015. "inkybru"

  6. Fabulous calender pages Kate. i also saw this idea and thought it was a good one- need to find a jar!
    Happy new Year to you all
    x catherine


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