Thursday, 25 July 2013

More journaling!

I finished the page I was working on! I didn't add too much more in the end ... it was looking busy enough LOL! When I have the children at home for the holidays life is busy, busy, busy and I don't get as much time to sit down and make art. But I like to keep something going on the easel and just add a bit to it now and again as I'm passing. This explains the business and all the layers in this page I think. 

I am also enjoying the process of art journaling so much at the moment, and I'm not worrying about the outcome. I know I can make pretty art journal pages if I want to, but I don't always want to. Sometimes I want to get my hands in the paint and make a mess. In other words I want to feel it.

I think the journaling speaks for itself ... make of this what you will ....

I added these stamped images after I was sorting though some old Craft Stamper magazines and came across this little gem. Love it!

OK, I am off now to walk the dog, go for a bike ride, collect child no. 2 from a sleepover, then go shopping for school uniform before making a delicious (!!) evening meal to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary :-)


  1. Great page Kate. Life is always hectic when you have to be Mum all day!!
    I have this Craft Stamper mini stamp and used it a few weeks ago on a Scrapbook Page.
    My Kiddie workshop is next week (Summer School) and I am getting excited about putting some of the tips you gave me to good use when doing the big canvas and other projects. Can't wait to let the kids loose on the Amsterdam Paints I used with you. I will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed for me!

  2. Looks great!! I am just watching your first 2 DVDs and finding them FAB! Don't feel quite so clueless now

  3. Great energy in your page today - good job you finished before all your walking & cycling ! Enjoy your anniversary ! Ali x

  4. Love your page Kate ♥

    Happy Anniversary too.


  5. crikey Kate, you're organised, buying school uniform already! We only broke up today!!

    1. haha! I like to get the dull stuff out of the way while the children are still feeling tired and cranky, and then we can switch off and have fun! Have a great summer :-)

  6. Super looking page Kate !!

  7. wonderful colours full of energy and so cheerful, it works so well with all the elements on your page

  8. Such a great sentiment. I think we would all know exactly what you mean. Great colours and heaps of layering, FABULOUS! It's easy to see you have had plenty of fun getting messy :)

  9. I like that you say "feel" the art journal and letting yourself not do pretty things. I have yet to get over the imagined pressure of making stuff that other people like. Not that everything I make is perfect, far, far from it, but just not to think in that way would be a blessing.

    Love your work. Inspiration, inspiration :)

  10. i love your colourful, messy pages :) They make me happy lol

  11. Yes for me its all about the process too - and if the end result is something I'm pleased with then that's a bonus. I love how you are pushing beyond your style here, and I also love the sentiment with which I completely agree ... except possibly for the thin part.

  12. really gorgeous journal pages...makes me want to get out my paints!


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