Monday, 20 May 2013

Home Sweet Home

Images by Crowabout Studio B at

I just love the simplicity of this house image, and I am always drawn to imagery to do with homes and houses. (I think it is because I am a home-loving Cancerian!) So, this was another slap-it-on quick page in my junk journal, created on a recycled cereal box. It is liberating to be working on recyclable materials, and I am really enjoying the 'don't think, just do' approach :-) 

I forced myself to work a little out of my comfort zone here, and painted some brown as part of the background. You won't catch me doing that very often..! But then of course, I had to add a bit of pink to liven it up a bit!

On Saturday I taught my first ever junk journal workshop at The Craft Den. It was a bit of a push to do all of this in one day, but they all did a great job. Just look at this:

Nice work everyone!
(Sorry, not everyone is in the picture - I didn't quite manage to catch everyone before they went home)

Happy Monday everyone! Byee for now.....


  1. Beautiful! I love the project based on the recycling!

  2. Love this page Kate the little house is cute and love the quote. Good photo of us lot although at that stage mine wasn't finished but it is now and on my blog. xx

  3. Fab!! I love the brown touches, esp the bottom left corner:)

  4. Thanks, Kate, it was a brilliant day. It was good to meet you, and all of the other ladies on the day. Sadly, the sun came out yesterday, so I couldn't have a good play in my junk journal. I have high hopes of rain later, so should be able to play after work!

  5. Another fab page. I too love house and home images - and Im a cancerian too - so there must be something in it - I really am a home loving body.

    I am off to Northumberland to my parents caravan this bank holiday (its my home from home) and Im thinking I might pack up some of my junk Ive collected and try to make one of these journals to keep me out of mischief

    1. Cute, cute house! Your page all came together wonderfully! But I don't know how you created that beauty with nary a bird in sight. I guess I have a thing for birds. lol It looks like a successful day with several happy students to show for it.

  6. I think I may have to make myself a recycled junk journal so I can try to be a little more . . . okay, a LOT more "don't think, just do"! I can't even imagine it actually :/

  7. Hi Kate, your page looks stunning and so does the work of your students. It really sounds like you girls had a lot of fun. Hugs Frea

  8. Oooo lovely jubbly love the blue really gorgeous xx

  9. Loving your junk journal - I've never thought of using junk mail as a whole journal base, although I use envelopes, brochures and old magazines. Madly in love with your pages - the doodles and colours. I wanna go play on my art table now :)

  10. Oh how I wish we lived closer. I would love, love, love to paint with you!! Your new junk journal class looks amazing! Your journal pages always make me happy and so inspired!!


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