Monday, 19 November 2012

Fabulous weekend!

Stamps: Christmas Accessories, Christmas Borders, Christmas words, Pondering Petunia, Ruby Rainbow by Dylusions
Ink sprays by Dylusions

Ooh, I've just had a great weekend at Art from the Heart, teaching an art journal weekend to a fabulous bunch of ladies!

This is one of the pages we made on the first day ... a double page with a pocket and a tag.

So, how did we make the circular pocket? Hmmm, it was very technical.

We drew round a plate haha!!

Love this frog with an added moustache ... well, it is Movember.

I called this little workshop 'puddles and pockets' as we were using techniques to  create puddles of ink on the page!

Here's a few pic from the weekend:

Pam and Maralyn are regulars at Art from the Heart. Infact I'm not sure that they haven't got sleeping bags stashed away under the counter somewhere. Maybe they never go home!

Here's Gill trying out the new colours of Distress Stains ... have you seen them yet? Oooooh, they are very gorgeous :-)

Pat and Gill hard at work.... Pat was a complete newbie to all of this but took to it like a duck to water. Ha! Another convert!

I made a luvverly Dylusions moustache for Mell, and in a strange kind of way she really suits it don't you think?!

During the weekend we did loads of other things too ... drawing (yikes!), and we had a great time playing with the new Gelli plate which led to some amazing journal pages. Call back tomorrow to see those.

But for now, I leave you with a photo of the whole group showing off their favourite pages:

But wait! That photo is far too sensible! Ah, this is better!

Really, if Dyan is going to leave a whole box of Flamingo glasses in the studio it is only a matter of time before we are all wearing them! A big thank you to all  of these wonderful ladies, for being great company and for being so willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new :-))

Byee for now.


  1. Oh Kate, it's made me want to come to one of your classes even more now I have seen the "Glasses"!!!
    Gorgeous work by the ladies, hopefully that will be me next year.
    Angie and I have turned down another "Retreat" (which does cost an arm and a leg to attend, although it is fab), so we can do more workshops, and I am desperate for one of them to be a weekend with you.

    1. Ooh, well I really hope to see you soon Debbie :-)
      There's another preview day coming up at AFTH so keep an eye out for details of classes!

  2. LOL that is a very silly frog......ribbet! Looks like you had a fun weekend:)

  3. Love the dbl. page and thanks for the technical info. on making a circle pocket...LOL!!!

  4. Ooo some fabulous pages!! Love the frog! Looks like a faberoonie weekend :0) xx

  5. fantastically vibrant art-love all that happy energy!!

  6. another lovely tag & i thing the holly looks fab. Looks like the ladys in your class had great fun.

  7. Oh wow what a lot of fun those pages must be to create. Maybe some day I'll learn how to create them. Until then, I'll just sit here and drool over theirs!

  8. They all look wonderful, everyone's pages are fab! I can just imagine that you all had a brill weekend. I'd have given anything to have been there. I really love the frogs mo! His white and red outfit looks awesome against the green. Love it kate. And mel suits the mo lots!
    Michelle x

  9. Everytime I see one of your projects that you teach in a class,I so wish I could come and take a class. Seattle is a bit out of the way for Northern England, so I just sit and drool over all those lucky ladies get to learn and try. :( Diane

  10. Well, I WAS there - and yes, it was truly fantastic! I couldn't have been with a nicer bunch of people for my first foray into the world of art journaling. It was tremendous fun; everyone was so warm and welcoming and at the end of the weekend I felt as though I'd been at a health farm, I felt so relaxed, despite having worked intensively the whole time. Pam and Maralyn warned me at the outset that dabbling in this sort of thing is highly addictive, and they were right: I am now totally hooked! Can't wait to attend another one! Thanks to everyone involved. Pat (The Newbie) xxx


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