Friday, 11 May 2012

I'm baaaack! America Part I


Prepare yourself for a photo-fest, I've got so much to share today! I got back from USA and Ranger earlier this week, and I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had. I travelled with my lovely, arty, fun-filled buddy Kaz, and we had the best time EVER!

So, without further ado, here are some pics of our great adventure.....

For two country hicks like Kaz and I, Times Square was a bit of a culture shock to say the least!

Loved the yellow cabs and buses.

We showed our fellow hotel guests how to drink orange juice at breakfast, in style.

I think this photo shows you how much fun I was having!

Ah! Sitting on the steps at Times Square.

Love, love, love the Hard Rock Cafe.

Mmmmm. Men in uniform.

Mmm Mmmmm. More men in uniform. How lucky can two gals get?

Ice-creams in Central Park. Well, you've got to haven't you?

We did a Thelma and Louise on an open top tour bus around New York, and met a great tour guide called Ronald. When I got off the bus, and I swear this is true, he said to me 'see ya baby'! Ha ha! I thought that only happened in films :-))

On Day 3 it dared to rain. How rude. Don't they know we get enough of that in England?

We weren't happy.

So, we went to Macy's dept store for a bit of retail therapy, and a Starbucks!

Kaz makes a great Liberty.

You see that fella walking up behind me? I nearly gave him a black eye!

We didn't make it as far as the real Statue of Liberty ...
(I lost my bus ticket so we couldn't go which is a bit of a sore point LOL! This was made worse by the fact that I found it again the next day, when it had expired. Hmm, better not mention that to Kaz.)
I know you're not to supposed to walk around looking like a tourist but it's hard not to. Saying don't behave like a tourist is bit like taking a child into a sweet shop and saying you can't have any sweets.

We met up with the very lovely, fellow art blogger, Marjie Kemper, at the Ink Pad stamp store in NYC.

She took us on the subway.... actually she forced us to go on the subway. We wouldn't have done it on our own.

We went for coffee in Times Square......

... and gave her an eccentric english make-over! It was absolutely fab to meet Marjie IRL - she was a great sport and gave us a real laugh!

We had a fabulous sing-along night when we went to see Jersey Boys on Broadway. What a show! Loved it. We even stood and waited at the stage doors for autographs afterwards :-)
I have been singing along to the CD ever since much to the annoyance of everyone around me at home.

On Thursday we met up with Neil from the UK. 
Yikes! There's a moustache imposter in town!

We made our way to New Jersey on the train, journaling all the way, as you do.
(Thanks to Neil for this pic)

We popped out to the Jersey Shore for tea. It's really beautiful.

Friday saw the start of Ranger U, where we met up with the gorgeous Ranger Designer Dyan, who was only too happy to pose for a few pics.
(Thanks to Kaz for this pic)

Not sure who the mad man is who crept into the back of this picture.

Loved spending time with the best travel buddy ever!

Phew! Congratulations if you're still here! I told you it was going to be a bit of a photo-fest. I'll be back with more photos of Ranger U .............In the meantime I need to go and sleep for a week.

Bye for now.


  1. That this trip was wonderful is to see at all your pictures. Fantastic. And welcome back.
    Lovely greet

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a brilliant time, great photo's.
    Chris x

  3. Hello Kate,

    You look to have had such a great time. Thanks for the drawing course on weds - it was really inspiring, and has hopefully started me off on a bit of a drawing journey!

  4. Looks like you two had a blast. Was this your first time in the US?

  5. Looks like you have had a WONDERFUL time experiencing the big apple. What about that Ink Pad though? Small but CRAMMED with goodies eh? Love the moustaches, sorry to hear about your ticket and rain but desperate for more details of the time at Ranger U and that mad man!!!

    Happy Friday - how's the jet lag?


  6. I can realy see that you had the best time ever! FUN FUN FUN!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Sweet dreams Kate, sweet dreams... But before you close your eyes, can I tell you I enjoyed your post, all the photos and the stories! It was almost like being there... thanks!

  8. Awww loved the adventure Kate, the photos are fabulous!( apart from me looking like brown owl,) lol!! Thanks for being my travel buddy, we had a blast, looking forward to more adventures xx

    Kaz xxx

  9. Haha... looks like you had an absolute *blast*! Thanks so much for sharing your pics. :D

  10. Well, you were in my "hood" for a few days! I live about five blocks from Times Square (and it's shocking for me too -- I avoid it at all costs) and grew up at the Jersey Shore. Did you take that photo in Spring Lake? I make that commute from NYC to the shore at least twice a month to visit family and friends. Loved seeing your photos.

  11. I followed you antics whil you were here in the states but almost as much fun to look through your picturesd again!!!

  12. omg...what an awesome adventure! loved your photos and can't wait to see more!

  13. Wow...what a fun trip! I love all your pictures!

  14. Love the post. Looks like you guys had a great time, I am hoping to come to Stitches next year so perhaps we will meet up again.

  15. wow looks like you had a wonderful time in dry and wet.EE

  16. fab Kate. sounds like a crazy whirlwind visit. you must be knackered!

  17. Loved looking at all your photos it brought back happy memories. So glad you both had such a great time can't wait to see the second edition

  18. Ooo Kate you had such a great time, the photies are brilliant. Can't wait for part 2. Michelle x

  19. "Awesome" photo's Kate. You and Kaz look like you had a ball. Have enjoyed your stories and keeping us up to date on what been going on at Ranger Headquarters!

    How lovely to have you back on English soil and hopefully you will be ready to post a gorgeous creation soon.
    I am off to Port Sunlight to the stamp show in the morning, so very excited.
    Speak again soon, take care. Debbiexx

  20. Wonderful blog post Kate. Lovely reading about your adventures, can't wait for the 2nd installment. Hope the jet lag is wearing off. Have a great

  21. I am so living vicariously through you and Kaz!! What a great post; so glad you guys had a blast. And you're right. When you're a tourist, you have to embrace's amazing how fun and freeing it is! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wonderful photos, I love the one with Lord Tim getting in on the act. It's SO obvious that you all had a terrific time.

  23. Terrific post & great pics, love the one of Lord Tim getting in on the act. :)

  24. So great to see these photos! :) So great to meet you last weekend. xoxo!

  25. Looks like you a fab time!

  26. Such a lovely journey Kate!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  27. Great pics Kate, welcome back :-)
    Anne x

  28. What a fab time you've had - love sharing the photos.

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed your SUPAH FUN photo fest!!! I was to the city in Jan and we saw "On a Clear Day" .Let's just say that Harry Connick Jr is beautiful! I'd love to see the Jersey Boys. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  30. Love the Recap... and what a total pleasure spending time with you two gals! Really glad we connected. Hope you are able to shake off all that jet lag... I was thinking of you when your teaching day came up. Must've needed toothpicks to keep your eyes open!

  31. So glad you had such a great time. Really enjoying reading about everyone's adventures. Marjie is lovely and I would have enjoyed meeting her even more than meeting Tim.

    Lucy x

  32. I'm all for a good sharing of photos - looks like it was FAB! Welcome home xx

  33. I'm always up for looking at photos, good ones anyway, and yours are FAB! Welcome home!

  34. I'm all for a good sharing of photos - looks like it was FAB! Welcome home xx

  35. Brilliant photo shoot Kate so pleased you had such a great time, you truly deserve it. xx

  36. How fantastic! Looks like you took New York City by storm! And...Jersey Boys IS awesome!!! Glad you got to go! You are both so cute!!

  37. Glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC. When I went in December the Ink Pad was shut :( but glad you had a fab time. :)


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