Sunday, 13 May 2012

America part II: Ranger U

Wow! Tim Holtz, Dyan Reavely, Claudine Hellmuth and a room full of Ranger goodies. 
What more could a girl ask for?!

By Friday May 4th Ranger U was in full swing. I worked seriously hard and played hard for 3 days, and had the most fun ever!

Here's the class in full swing with Tim Demoing at the front. Loved the TV screens, such a great idea.
(Can you see Mr Stampers Anonymous Ted on the right?!)

Kaz gazes in awe ......

Claudine showed us some awesome techniques with her Studio line and for the first time ever I managed to master image transfers.

Claudine is beautiful and petite, yet has the most amazing baritone voice!

A typical shot of the Ranger U classroom!

Gorgeous Adirondack colours. I learned new ways to use my Adirondack inkpads......

Colourwash ... I learned how to handle these better ....

.. and make some beautiful faux batik. Loved this!

We played with the meltpot and I picked up loads of new ideas. 
I seriously need to use my meltpot more often.

Before Dyan began her official Ranger U session she demoed the levitating malteser trick with Kaz.

But here she is in full swing with her gorgeous Dylusions range. 
Dyan brought her vibrancy and English eccentricity to Ranger U and we all LOVED it,
And we got super-inky too!!

Gorgeous colours ....

We love ya Dyan!!

Hmmmm, a typical Dylusions view!

Armed ...

... and dangerous .....

Dyan with the lovely Ellen and Jenny from Norway
(Thanks to Ellen for this pic)

By the final afternoon it was back to Tim and all things distress.....

Oooooh, loved it. Just how many different things can you do with one set of inkpads?

79 techniques mastered in all! Phew! 

Met some fabulous new friends along the way ... loved these funny, warm-hearted people!

I became an official Certified ranger Educator. Yeehaaaaaaaww!!

Tim is the most amazing instructor. Chilled out, very funny and oh so knowledgeable.
To coin my children's favourite catchphrase, he is a Know-Boy.

 A fabulous time was had by all, thanks to the amazing instructors and the absolutely wonderful organisation behind the scenes by Patti, Mario and others.

Talking of Mario ....
Couldn't do a blog post about Ranger without showing these pins now could I?!

Before we left Kaz and I couldn't resist posing for this shot when we realised that some of our art work is on display on the Dylusions board in the Ranger Education room. 
Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!  Such a great honour :-)

But it was over all too soon .... all good things must come to an end ...

... and we weren't happy.

But still, it was good to be home.


  1. Looks amazing - some phenomenal project by the looks of it, WISHING I could have been there as it looks like so much fun. Love your sulky faces at the airport!

    Welcome home


  2. Awww great flashbacks to a fabulous time althought if you could just photo shop my thunder thighs I would be very grateful! Lol xx missing my buddy loads and loads ;0( xxx

    Kaz x

  3. aww..what an awesome blog post! how wonderful for you! i'm so happy you had a chance to do that!

  4. What a brilliant experience! I am GREEN with envy.

    Welcome back :o)


  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome pics from your kids! I love it, go little Cranes! Little artists in the making Kate. The pics from Ranger U are brill too, but your kids pics made me smile loads. Michelle x

  6. It was such a pleasure to read your whole story Kate. What a beautiful time you must have had and learned so much and make such a beautiful things. Really MARVELOUS.
    Lovely greet

  7. Fantastic posting Kate. The work you did looks amazing, and those tags look stunning.
    Look forward to seeing some of your new techniques.

  8. Looks like you had a great time! Valerie

  9. Looks like you had mega fun

  10. I love story tellers! And this is a fab story! Loved this post Kate - lets us live Ranger U vicariously! Oooo - and that bundle of technique tags looks very interesting! x x x

  11. Thank you for sharing...i loved your travelogue but felt so sad with your sad faces at the will come back...won't you ;)

  12. Looks like you had an amazing time,!wow thanks for sharing..I can dream I guess?! Love the pics from your children, those are things to treasure!!! Hugs trace. X

  13. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and the pics prove it Kate !!

  14. What a great days in the USA! Wow classes at Ranger...the ultimate wish :-)
    You did it!!!
    Enjoy the memories, greetings, Alie :-)

  15. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  16. Wonderful, fantastic & brilliant post!!!

  17. wow! I would LOVE to have been there!! Looks sooooooo fun! Thanks for sharing Kate! Can't wait to see your new found techniques in action!!

  18. Fabulous pics! I love the one of Kaz swooning. And how cool to spy your own art up on the Ranger walls. That must've been a real kick! Thanks for sharing all these great shots. Love your kids' welcome home posters.... I'm melting :-)

  19. wowzer 79 techniques, thanks so much for all the photos feels like I was there with you (but I wasnt . . strop strop) LOL

  20. the best of all worlds - a great holiday, lots of crafting and new friends made - welcome home.

  21. Thanks for sharing Kate! Loved reading all about it! Well Done for getting to grips with all those techniques.. that's some going!
    Loved your coming home posters, we did that when DD came home from Beijing uni.. brought it all back!!

  22. Great to hear your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  23. so jealous of you and Kaz... looks like you had a stonking time!

  24. Looks like the most awesome-est time ever!!!
    Glad you had such a blast!!
    Val :)


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