Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A catch up ....

 Bard by Amy Wilson Wellenstein
Carol's flower 
Grass border from Spring Sprung by Tim Holtz

I've been running a little late with things this month, just got too much to do, and the easter holidays didn't help! But here is my calendar ... just wanted to prove to you all that I have actually done it and I am keeping up with the daily journaling. 

Did you think I hadn't done it this month?! Tsk tsk! How could you think such a thing!

Thanks to everyone who has linked so far this month. Remember it's not too late, you can join any time. See here for this month's link.

I used Bard for this month, as he always looks like he's throwing something. I thought he could throw a few spring flowers over the month of April, although Spring seems to have disappeared here in the north of the UK! I think summer came and went during the month of March.

And here's the background before I added anything to it. Messy isn't it?!

No, lookie what I've got! Oooh a lovely vintage ledger just crying out for a bit of ink :-) Big thank you to Dyan and Jean for this one :-) Big mwah!

This dates back to 1965 - that's even older than I am! Didn't they used to have beautiful neat handwriting back then? I send so much by e-mail these days that sometimes it feels like I have forgotten how to write.

And today, I leave you with these photos of our latest additions. 3 cutie little black gerbils called Mary, Mungo and Midge (does anyone else remember that TV programme?). Unfortunately we don't know which one is which because they all look the same!

That brings the total count to 1 whippet, 1 rabbit, 3 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters and 3 gerbils. My husband is a very tolerant man!!


  1. I like the idea of having a month calendar and i loooove your april page, nice colors and i love the flowers you spread on them and the black grass/flowers on the lower part.You inspire me.

  2. Kate, I love this page. so colorful so vibrant. very inspiring. thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous pages Kate!
    Im well jel that ledger looks fabby!
    I hope Mungo, Midge and Mary are getting comfy in their new home ;0) xx

    kaz x

  4. I never doubted you'd get your April pages done, Kate! They're beautiful - the background is fab and I LOVE Bard sprinkling the flowers across the pages. The rain drops HAD to be included, I suppose. We've had rather a lot of them lately :o(


  5. Aweee they are the cutes! Does the hubby have any say in the matter? Not long before you'll be in the big apple!eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, betcha as giddy as a kid at the gates of Disney Land? Hell I'm even excited for ya. I love your daily journaling background, and the daisy's across the page. I'm sure my Dad has loads of old ledgers in his shop. I will have to hunt them out. Can't wait for you to start filling your's up. Michelle x

  6. Oh Kate Mary, Mungo and Midge are just delightful, and yes I am old enough to remember them!!
    When my two children were little we had two Rats called Frodo and Scoot, they were the best animals ever...I know the tail makes people shudder, but even my friends who were scared loved them as they are such sweet creatures and so inteligent, you could have a proper play with them, like a small dog.
    Your Calender page is gorgeous, love the pink.
    I am hoping to scrapbook the photo I took of me, you and Dyan's at Art from the Heart, so will let you know when I put it on.

  7. Stunning page. Love your new journal looking forward to see your art in it. Great class the other day, as usual really enjoyed it xx

  8. I loved Mary, Mungo and Midge, (on the reruns obviously) LOL

  9. I'm old enough to remember Mary, Mungo and Midge too! Very cute little furries you have there! My husband just about tolerates two guinea pigs, and I'm on strict instructions we're having no more once they leave the world!
    I love the little black silhouette flowers at the base of your journal page. I love the look of ledgers but am not sure I could bring myself to ink up the pages - would need someone to start it off for me lol!

  10. Hi there, just lurve the colours you have used, which stamp maker is Bard from? he looks really cute! You sound like you have your hands very full...better than being empty!:0)
    Take care

  11. More additions to the menagerie! Love the names :D And loving the grungy look of your page too... also how Bard is throwing the flowers around :) x

  12. Great calender page !! love the background , it's different.

  13. Love the colours you have used with these pages. The new additions are so cute
    x catherine

  14. Beautiful pages! And thanks to you, I now have added 'whippet' to my vocabulary. Had to look it up!

  15. A stunning calendar page, I like these bright colors. For me I quit the april, maybe I do it later but I didn't have time this month. But I want to start with my May-page as soon as possible.
    These litte black guys are sooo cute. I had only mice and they also were a lot of fun. Whippet I also had to look what it is ;) So we learn something new every day.

  16. Love your page, colours are fab and love the images. Not sure about those furry creatures. :)

  17. I always love your work - and you challenge me to get out of my comfort zone and try unexpected colour combinations!

  18. So pretty -- love those flowers dancing across the page :-)


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