Friday, 3 December 2010

Yay! December calendar ready!!

House stamp by Paperbag Studios
Fence stamp by Paperartsy
Tree stamp (leaves) from Around the Edge by Dylusions
Paints and ink sprays by Dylusions

As we have been gripped by arctic conditions in the UK I tried to create a cool icy feel for my December calendar page. It was quite easy to get in the right mood for this - I was able to do this yesterday because I had a snow day (YAY! an unexpected day off!) so I sat in my thermals, shivering, trying to keep the house warm (it's a battle when it's minus 10 outside) and set to with cool blues and silver greys for my page.

I used a house stamp by Paperbag studios and added a tree at each side which is actually from a leaf design on the 'Around the Edge' set by Dylusions.

I even found I had time to create a tag for Dyan's challenge here. Don't you just love snow days?!!

For this challenge you have to take three out of the following four: one bird image, one tag (although I only have the safety pin type), one quote, one Christmas word, all available here. The hardest thing for me is that you have to make your tag in 15 minutes and NO CHEATING!

Just where oh where does Dyan find quotes like this???:

NEWS! Craft Stamper (UK) is out in the shops today, that's if you can battle your way through the snow. I have an article in it this month .... here are a few sneak peeks ......

Do you recognise it?

Can you see what it is?!!

And finally (phew! it was a long post today!) I leave you with a few snowy photos I took out and about this morning. The camera is fine in these sub-zero temperatures - it was minus 7 as I took these - but the photographer was getting a bit chilly.

Our back garden ... can you see the pond anywhere?

Not sure that my plant will survive this:

Love love love snow covered berries:

Icicles that look like Christmas decorations, no, better than Christmas decorations:

Er...... don't think I'll be sitting here for a while:

Byeeeeeee for now. Keep warm :-)


  1. garden bench looks like that too! I LOVE your December page certainly depicts our chilly weather just now and using Dyan's leaf as a tree - brilliant! It's still not safe enough for me to drive to Durham so I am here in Yorkshire finding myself with some unexpected time to play :D I'm enjoying the tag challenge. Your tag for today is cracking! I do agree - Dyan digs out some absolute corkers when it come to quotes!
    Your wintery photographs are gorgeous! I LOVE photographs - I see art in them - you've captured some wonderful shots here :) x

  2. Awesome!!!
    I'll think I do also a calender for 2011 ;o).

  3. Don't you just LOVE a snow day!!! Your really made the best of it! Love your pages and tag! Awesome art once again Kate! Stay warm.

  4. Love your calender page-Im sure I just ordered that little newsprint house stamp for my xmas prezzie from my hubby! Congrats in being in the magazine, I will keep my eye out for a copy! Love the tags too x

  5. OMG that's a lot of snow !! Beautiful photos. I am way behind, my December calendar not yet ready.... Yours is beautiful again ;-)

  6. I've got a couple of plants looking sorry for themselves like yours!
    Love the December pages and the tag - I have giggled at all the sayings too, Dyan's a genious! xx

  7. Can you believe you have done 12 of these already?? Where has the year gone?

    I love the image of those birdies singing-so cute!

    And the snow, oh to have some of that glorious white.

    Grace and peace

  8. Brilliant pages Kate...and yes we are good to be up to date ready for this month!!!

    It was -23deg here last night apparantly - woke up to one frozen pipe and typical it's the one that runs the kitchen taps and dishwasher - have just stuck a hot water bottle on it to see if that will un-freeze it and we are now on our 6th snow day and everyone is really, really hoping we are back to normal on Monday!!!

    Stay warm and I will get my Craft Stamper probably on Monday!!! Kirsti xxx

    PS - I probably will keep the calendar going butmaybe in a slightky different format - not sure what tho!!!

  9. Where have all those months gone to, it's scary but your pages are not scary- fab as usual good choice of colour hehe! Won't see you at the next journal class I'm off to ABU DHABI for some sun and heat, just thought I'd mention that LOL but will think about you all in the frozen UK and fighting for brussel sprouts in M&S.
    Pat xx

  10. Fantastic Dec page and the tag is wonderful, as usual such inspiration. Not got CS yet, can't wait to see your article. I shall use these colours in January because I'm sure it will still be snowing and cold by then, lol. Keep warm xx

  11. Terrific pictures and calendar page, love it. Annette x

  12. The calendar is brilliant! I saw on the news all your snow in the UK - at least you got some lovely photos-the icicle picture is great. Stay warm.

  13. No snow days here in Northern California, but I remember them as a child and I loved them. Back then I didn't worry about the cold and it sounds awful. Stay warm.

  14. Holy COW! I don't know what your weather is usually in the UK but I'm pretty darn sure it is not that cold! You must be freezin something terrible?! Stay warm. Love your blog.

    Kathy in Chicago( where it's 28 degrees fahrenheit = -2 celsius)

  15. Enjoying your post and the photos, brrr, it's cold! Luv your Dyan tag, they are so much fun.

  16. Fantastic calender, snowy scenes (icicles I love)and that green tag with the three birdies is so vibrant !!

  17. Love the pages, they are wonderful!! That tag is super as well. Great photos also. Hugs Anesha

  18. Yay for snow days ...... you have created so many gorgeous pieces. Still going to be minus 10 tonight I believe. Brrrrr

  19. I love snow piccies, and to save time I love everything you do :)

  20. Love your December page and your photos. Took some of the hoar frosted cobwebs in my garden today, much to the annoyance of the birdies who were waiting to snack on the sunflower heads on my garden seat. I've had the CS and loved your article but I'm being very good and saving it til I've finished all my work. See my blog tonight, I'se featured on creative type!!!! Little ol me!!!! Cant beleive it.


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