Thursday, 2 September 2010

Oops, I'm running a little late....

Oops. I'm sorry to say that for the first time EVER I am running late with my art calendar for the 2010 365 challenge. Oh dear, it's not like me at all but sometimes life just gets in the way! Coming back from holiday, getting ready for the new term (I'm a teacher remember!!) and builders at my house have meant a chaotic few days.  Howwever, here is August finished and as soon as I can I will get on with September. In the meantime I am not going to stress about it (OH! Who am I kidding? I already am!) but I am going to fill in the squares anyway and then when I am up to it I shall make the background and stick them on.

I haven't had chance to visit many blogs either but I will, I will ............

If you love spray inks as much as I do then you will be very excited to know that Dyan has created 8 new colours to go with her range of Altered Originals spray inks. Oooooooh :-)) Check them out here.

I have been spraying a bit in my journal (but I'm still working on it, so watch this space...) and I've also been playing about with a few shabby chic lollipop flowers. I coloured these with the new spray inks. Lush!


I also coloured my desk, my lamp, and my hands (and the house rabbit nearly got a squirt too - he'd look good in pink). I have had to invest in some latex gloves. I don't really give two hoots about ink on my fingers but when I have to go straight into work it's not really a good look. I went to the supermarket after making these flowers and the shop assistant asked if I had been blackberry picking LOL!

Something very exciting arrived for me in the post while I was away on holiday. Recently I won blog candy from Terri of Pringle Hill Studios and just look what she sent me. Woop woop!

A beautiful print from of one of her journal pages

A collection of postcards and moos

Some deli paper painted by Terri

Terri also sent me some Deli wrap to play with, I had never even heard of it before! And a white Sharpie poster paint pen. Oooh these are impossible to get hold of in England so I was very happy about that. Thanks Terri :-)
And if you haven't been to Terri's blog before go and have a look - it's a riot of vibrant colour.

And finally ...... while I was away I was featured on Lisa Vollrath's 'Go Make Something' website. Have a look here. Honoured I'm sure :-)))

Ok, I'm off. Time to get off the computer and go and make art. Byeee.


  1. Wonderful colorful art! Don´t tell me about having a pet with assorted colors on his fur....ask my creme colored cat what it feels like to roam the neighborhood with PINK splotches. The neighbors were asking me if this was the new fashion,,,was he thinking of joining a punk band,,,all he needs are a few piercings..poor Benny. All the other cats thought he was very ccoooooooll though:)
    Such an inspiring blog you have here.
    Cynthia Schelzig

  2. Oh Kate, don't stress, it's meant to be fun right?

    Love your roses by the way and isn't Terri a star, she sent me some of those fabulous Sharpies too. I just love my friends from across the pond!

  3. Ohhh, Kate! I had a good chuckle over your "blackberry picking" fingers!!! Too funny! Although I've gone out to dinner with acrylic paint on my arms that didn't come out in the wash! LOL! BTW, your flowers are awesome!!!

    I'm sooooo happy that you're pleased with all of your goodies! Thank you for such a nice shout out!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Kate, I've not even started August bad is THAT!!! Right I should be doing that instead of snooping around blogland shouldn't I ??? - Will go and make a start right NOW........well maybe, it's VERY sunny out just pages are fantastic as they always are and your blog candy looks brillint - you lucky thing!!! Kirsti xxx

  5. Beautiful August page and love the flowers, awesome. The artwork from Terri is terrific, you lucky girl.

  6. You're doing well to fit a post in at all at the beginning of term. I kind of miss the buzz of it, but as I remember the novelty of the new class/new year soon wore off!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog and loooove what you do! So inspired by the creative calendars. Love it all!

  8. Love your August pages. I've just blogged mine and my September backgrounds. How lovely your post from Terri is gorgeous. I went to Tesco's and also work with very, very Green fingers this week! S xx

  9. ps.........meant to say, love your flowers too! S xx

  10. Fab stuff, great to be featured on Lisas blog too !!

  11. What a colour feast !! I am just catching up with blogging friends and need to add myself to follow from this account too so i dont miss so much. I love your journal page its absolutely stunning !! Also those flowers are 'to die for' Gorgeous !!! ]
    Terri's work is fantastic and i own some too... arnt we lucky ?
    Hugs June xxxxx

  12. Love your August pages, I've not finished mine yet and half way through prep of Sept, sorryyyyyyyyyyyy, will do it this weekend. Love all your stuff from Teri you lucky thing and your flowers are just stunning.
    Glad you enjoyed sunny Spain, I've been to Javea but not seen Sue's shop.
    Pat xx

  13. Gorgeous flowers Kate - those inky spray colours are just the best! Your August page looks great and we await your September spread with eagerness oh industrious leader... hehehe. (no pressure there then!) I can't wait to see what 'deli wrap' is, so look forward to seeing what you create with that! x x

  14. Well if you're late i am extra extra late as I have only uploaded mine today! I love your bright pages and what fab candy to win - you lucky thing xx

  15. those flowers look absolutely great and what great gifts to receive, thanks for the link im off to snoop now :)

  16. Your calendar turned out great. Hey we've been doing them this whole year right? As long as they get done thats all that matters. It'd just be a shame to get all the way to August then stop or miss a month.

  17. Late has become my new middle name. I swear I used to be so punctual and now I seem to just take my sweet time with everything. If it's a sign I am getting old, I will be in trouble as I have a long ways to go still and I don't think I can go any slower without going backwards.

    The calendar is beautiful, the flowers are just as lovely as can be and I'm jealous of your Pringle Hill swag! Yummy!

  18. Love love love everything so much !!!
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx


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