Thursday, 12 August 2010

Dina Art Part lll and other things .....

Yup, that's me! An altered photo - that's what we did with Dina on day 3 of our workshops. I LOVED this! Really! You take a photo, blow it up to A4 size then add paint and pastels and away you go.

This is fab. You can be anything you want to be.

Want orange skin and red hair? No problem.
Got wrinkles you want rid of? No problem.
Got wild curly unruly hair? No problem.

So here I am with a pink skin and green (straight) hair. I dream of straight hair. I almost messed the eyes up here. They were looking a little bit too 'Twilight' at one point but I think I just about rescued the situation:

Dina warned us of the dangers of having a blue face (too smurf) or a green face (too Shrek) ha ha ha! Just think of the fun you can have! You could  take a photo of your boss and ...... er .......  better not even go there :-)

Here's another pose:

And here's Dina hard at work showing us how it's done. But she has an annoying knack of making it look so easy!!

And this is a few of us on the last day, ready (or not as the case may be) to go home:

L to R: Me, Sarah, Jude, Dina

Now, onto something different. Just have a look at what arrived in the post for me this week:

Isn't this just gorgeous? It's been completely hand-made by Jill of Third Age Musings. Just have a closer look at the incredible detail:

Thanks so much Jill, it's absolutely beautiful. Do pop over to Jill's blog to see even more inspirational arty things, you won't be disappointed.

Now, I am off on my hols shortly and I'm almost hyperventilating at the thought of being away from home WITHOUT MY PAINTS AND SPRAY INKS. Yikes! I am such a fidget, unable to sit still for more than 2 seconds at a time. I have done a few background in my small (A5) journal ready to take with me so than when I have the urge to write something I'll be ready. Of course, I'm itching to write on these now but I'm doing my best to be patient :-)

Image by Nancy Baumiller

Oops. It's the hand again.....  I know some of you don't like the dismembered hand because you e-mail to tell me, but don't worry - it's only a rubber glove mould! No human being was injured in the process of this journal page. 

Central image (eyes) by Nancy baumiller

Images by Nance Baumiller

Before I go, thanks to you all of you who take the time to leave me a comment. I have been overwhelmed by all of the comments I have received recently and I want you to know that I read and appreciate every one.
Byeeeeeeeeeee for now.


  1. Your portraits are amazing Kate! You really managed to get the hang of it! I enjoyed doing them too (nervous to start with though!) I know where I need to practice, blending the tones more and perhaps the light/dark contrasts.
    Your journal pages are fantastic too with your gorgeous pink backgrounds and wonderfully funky images. Have fun adding to them! And have a great holiday! x x x
    Oh and lucky you - I'm (only slightly) envious of your win/gift from Jill. I do drool over her stitched art work - truly lovely!

  2. Fantastic portrait, Kate! Loved the pics of the class too. OMG! I seriously hope that you won't go into art withdrawal on your holiday!!! Have a fabulous time! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Love your portraits Kate - it could be much cheaper than a nip and tuck. Thanks for the mention - glad you photoed the purse as I forgot to note which one you had!!
    You've also inspired me to do a bit of journalling so the sewing machine is still on its summer break.

  4. Awesome portraits Kate you have definitely got the knack infact I think you got my share but I will persevere.
    Your prepared pages are great can't wait to see what you do with them. I am sure you will manage to sneak in some sprays and paints.
    The purse is gorgeous, Jill is another very talented lady.
    Have you thought you might not be able to go on your hols you may have to come to teach us at AFTH haha. Poor Dyan.
    Pat xx

  5. I am SO doing a Twilight one - an R-Pats/Smurf combo must be tried!! Speaking of which, about 3/4 the way through New Dawn now...SOOOO good!!

    You deserve all the comments, the portraits look even better than I remember and I personally love the dismembered just wouldn't be your blog without a bit of rebellious freakiness, would it?!? ;0)

    Enjoy your hols!! xx

  6. You take my breath away Kathryn, everything is so wonderful. Have a great holiday. Annette x

  7. wow Kate - and you can draw too. I'm always envious of anyone who can do this. it's so obviously you! doesn't Jill do the most wonderful stitching. love her blog. PS - have a fab holiday and don't get too twitchy LOL

  8. Wow! Your altered portraits are awesome, but the first is my fav!

    All of your pieces are fab, and I like that this post shows so much diversity with your work!
    Have a blast on holiday!

  9. What a great post!! I love what you did to your fotos...I think I have to take her online workshop´:)...looks like fun! I love the green hair!!!
    Your little journal...looks great! THanks for the inspiration!!!
    Cynthia Schelzig,,,Cynnie

  10. LOVE your altered photos Kate...I have been lucky enough to do some online classes with Dina...she is an awesome teacher...
    And your art journal pages are fabulous....when are they
    Have a wonderful holiday...

    Jenny x

  11. oh Kate, love these!! I think this is the first photo I have seen of you! You are adorable!!!!

    And I love the hand!!!!!!

  12. Love the altered photo portrait! That must have been so much fun to do!

    Have a great holiday!

  13. Fantastic technique, and ohh that little handmade bag is super too ! Lucky you to have something like this !!

  14. That thing with the portraits I often do with magazine pictures. It really is big fun to give make overs like that ;-)

    I really like that last journal page, now if only I could explain why....

  15. Your portraits are stunning, I agree with everyone else, you certainly have managed to capture this form of artwork. All you work is stunning, as you know I am a big fan and am looking forward to seeing your finished pages. Have a super holiday. xx

  16. WOW hun these portraits are awesome, i wanna have a go now, mind you what colour would i do my hair ??? i think in real life i have had ever colour of the rainbow hahahahaha its bright red and shocking pink at the moment, maybe i could make myself look normal HAHAHAHAHA

  17. Self portrait?... scary biscuits!.. have a great holiday, all that inkyness will be waiting when you get back!

  18. I'm so happy to have found your blog, your an inspiration!!

  19. i'm so happy to see you!!! and the portrait you make with the dina's technique is wonderful!!!!!
    great great great

  20. How nice to put a face (even if a green one) to a name, and aren't you beautiful?? You're only little too and I was imagining someone tall and powerful!! Have a lovely holiday, and why not take a really simple "kit" of watercolours, a few pens etc??? I keep reading about how easy it is to journal anywhere, but haven't actually tested this theory yet ...

  21. Well I comment because I find what you do so inspirational. I love the colours, composition and the images you find - although I have now had to buy some for myself!!
    Loving the painted portraits and the new pages, I shall look forward to seeing them completed! Have a fab holiday xxx

  22. The portraits are amazing ! What a great technique ! Perfect for us less "realistic" type of painters. Love it !
    I am leaving on a 5 day weekend with the hubby but luckily we are driving so I can pack my one big bag of journal goodies with me ! Too hard to be without them...unless you put a nice drinkie in my hand and a camera in the other...
    Happy Holidays !

  23. Wow just bumped into your Blog... Have you ever thought of entering our craft DT it's a 3 monthly thing so not too much work is needed...check us out at

  24. It's been far too long since I have been here, and had to catch up by spending time looking at other posts. I came to congratulate you on winning Terri's journal page, but got a feast I didn't expect. I keep forgetting how awesome your art really is.

    Have a very happy holiday and thanks for being such an inspiration. You really make me want to play.

  25. Fabulous what you have done to those photos - hope you bring them or even sneak just one in your case...and the purse is just great.
    Lots of inks and other messy stuff at my place so you needn't get withdrawal symptoms Kate. Have a safe journey. See you soon
    Sue x

  26. Gorgeous pages as always Kathryn; I like the hand ;-) Love the photo of 4 and your altered photos Have a good holiday
    Anne xx

  27. Forgot to say, I adore the little purse; love the stuff Jill makes :-)
    Anne x

  28. I just love that technique with the portraits they look fantastic. I don't find your hand mould spooky at all LOL Are you going to be back in time for the 365 challenge?

    Have a great holiday :)

  29. The self portraits are stunning, I love how they turned out. The art you created with Dina is beautiful, I'd love to know how you created those people outlines, they're fabulous.

  30. I just love those portraits - excellent work and the colours are divine.

    A beautiful pressie in the post is always such a treat. Just lovely.

    Look forward to seeing your completed pages.

    Have a wonderful break.

    Lesley x

  31. So clever. I really like the twilight look but I think Avatar blue complexion might be fun too.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  32. Kate the portraits are screaming cool,oh how I love them.You are so pretty !!!
    I just adore all your new work and wish you the most wonderful holiday. I will miss you very much,I love visiting you.
    Again fabulous portraits,blue hair is my favorite.haha.It is so artful...
    Best wishes, Hugs Laura.xoxx
    P.s. Have lots of fun. : )

  33. Your portraits are should go into business making them for people. Hope your holiday is going well...and when can I fly to Harrogate to take a class that YOU are teaching? ;)


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