Sunday, 11 July 2010

Works in progress ...

Border and main image by Crowabout Studio B at
Boots by Tumblefish Studios at

I had a lovely lovely day at Art from the Heart yesterday on an art journaling play day - 5 hours of journaling fun with a great group of people led by the wonderful  Dyan. Admittedly I didn't get as much done as I could have but that's because I was...

1 Talking too much
2 Singing along loudly to Garth Brooks HAHA!
3 Talking too much
4 Eating delish food from the new cafe downstairs
5 Eating delish rhubarb crumble and cream, kindly brought along by chef extraordinaire Olive
6 Still talking too much

However I did get as far as this on the next two pages in my huge A4 Moleskine. I have to be in the right mood to journal on them so I shall wait until the time is right.

You might guess by looking at this next page that I have a birthday coming up this week. 43. FORTY-THREE!!!! Yikes, how did that happen? I think I blinked and missed a decade.

Images by Crowabout Studio B at

I'm still loving the new inks by Altered Originals at Art from the Heart. I love the different effects that I can achieve with them such as this, a fine mist of colour over the top of acrylic paint. It really helps to blend the colours on the page and bring everything together:

Luscious dribbles like this:

And more dribbles like this. You can't have enough dribbles:

And yesterday I learned something new. I had already tried mixing my inks with Pearl Pigments Powder for a bit of Mica shimmer, but I discovered that you can also top that up with water to create a lighter effect. Aha! Love it :-)

I am enjoying working on a larger scale at the moment in my A4 Moleskine, but for some reason I always work on single page spreads. I noticed that everyone else at the Journaling day yesterday was working on double page spreads. Not sure why I work like this, but I think it's because I like the look of two different pages together like this:

Right, I'm off. I'll publish these again when I get round to journaling on them. Byeeeeeee.


  1. Woho - how fantastic they look already. You make it look so easy! I especially like the pink one with those orange and almost claret red circles and the big black number...(hope you noticed I haven't mentioned the birthday age - just in case you don't want to think about it!)
    I am loving those deviant scrap collage papers too :) x

  2. 43 is awesome! I am 49 1/2 and fearing....fifty? How did THAT happen??
    I LOVE your pages and I ordered spray inks and stencils! Signed, another Kathryn! ♥

  3. crackin up @ the talkin 2 much. <3 ur pgs! :)

  4. Looks like you had a really fab day with Dy and all the other lovely ladies yesterday.... I too have a birthday coming up this week....Happy Birthday on whatever day yours is....Kirsti xx

  5. Fantastic pages, the colours are even better in real life. You are so creative and I loved watching you working yesterday. Happy birthday for later on in the week. xx

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, it is always great to get together with like minded souls. No matter that not alot gets accomplished! Your work looks great as always.

  7. I'm so envious, a journaling day with like-minded souls, including rhubarb crumble! I love rhubarb crumble :) I usually work on double page spreads but I do love the look of your pages - 2 different ones next to each other. And I'm a lovin' those spray inks too :)

  8. i'm so impressed by your journal, would love to see it in its entire ....
    i love love your art and you really inspire me...
    i'm not accustomed to work on A4 journal but would try....
    love sweetie

  9. More fab pages... and you can't beat a good dribble!

  10. These are fantastic pages Kate and even better in real life. Hmmmmmmmmmm I don't know why we all seem to journal on a double page spread but we do. I really love those Golden inks too, Ann is going to order a set for her and me.
    Happy birthday Kate for whichever day it is.
    Pat xx

  11. What fab WIP's loads of inspiration.....I love your style !

  12. You are an inspiration Kathryn, I adore your work. Annette x

  13. Inspirational pages once again - it is always a treat to see your journal pages.

  14. FANTASTIC pages your work is really amazing!! And a big happy birthday to you - enjoy...

  15. Your work is always so fresh looking and inspiring!! Greta job of being 43 Kate!

  16. as always Kate fabby pages... glad you enjoyed your crumble..... you are still a young 'un, so dont sweat it! great to see you on Saturday... Ciao

  17. I am also 43 this year and I love your quote "I think I blinked a missed a decade" !! I am SO using that in my journal cause I feel the same way.

    Love your pages and have a good day.

    Cheryl from Canada

  18. More inspiration for me to feast on ... I think I'm hooked now!! 43 ain't nuthen - I'm 55 and still in my PRIME (not to mention being child-free). Your best years are still ahead of you, better believe it!

  19. Nothing better than a playdate with good friends! It's a wonder that you managed to accomplish as much as you did between the good company and the luscious treats!!! LOL!!! Happy, Happy 43 to you, Kate!!!! May your special day be filled with lots of joy, smiles and art!!!! Hugs & Birthday Blessings, Terri xoxo

  20. So glad you had a great day! And those works in progress are fabulous!

  21. What a truly awesome day Kate !!
    This is such a colorful and cheer piece. I will trade you and be your age. hahaha.
    Happy early b-day, your so inspirational.
    What a winner these pages are, your rock !!
    I love these pages...
    Big Hugs,Laura.xoxx

  22. Sounds like a perfect time at Dy's ... LOVE your pages .. gorgeous :o) x

  23. Awesome indeed. I always love the vibrancy of your pages and their origionality.

  24. Yayy it was a fabby day. I nearly always journal on a single spread for the same reason, love the eclectic look.. You talking too much..??? As if..??? xx

  25. Georgeous pages Kate, I always enjoy seeing what you've been creating though I don't know when you get the time!

  26. Gorgeous pages as always Kathryn :-) Mmmmmm rhubarb crumble and cream, makes my mouth water.
    (BTW I gave up on June's pages for my journal, wasn't happy with the colours and the ink I'd used for writing didn't show up well enough but am going to do July's!)
    Anne xx


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