Sunday, 11 April 2010

Back down to earth.....

After a few glorious days away, I'm back home although not altogether willingly it has to be said :-)  We weren't too far away from home but it felt like a million miles away. The sun shone, the children  were happy and content, and the countryside was breathtaking. I even managed to squeeze in a little art time for me and have been very happy creating splashy messy backgrounds in my moleskine. Here's the first of several pages I finished, and a close up of 'Marci', the stamp I used by Stampotique.

I've got quite a few art journal pages to share but they need a little tweaking still. It doesn't matter how much art stuff you manage to squeeze in the car you never have quite what you need.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments during my absence, I read and appreciate every single comment :-) Some of you wanted to know if the photo in the previous post was me. Yup! That's me alright! That was taken whilst on holiday in exactly the same place last year (just outside of Kendal in the Lake District) relaxing, sipping a glass of wine whilst art journaling. What more could a girl ask for?!

Here's a few holiday pics from the last few days. See the little white cottage on the hillside? That's where we have been staying. Surrounded by hills, rivers, streams, sunshine, and a few sheep. Bliss!

Here's an early morning view looking the other way down the valley:

Love this old weathered sign with the dramatic hills in the background:

A self-portrait LOL!

Some VERY new lambs (ooh it makes me glad to be a vegetarian):

I think spring has finally sprung, better late than never:

We were surrounded by mountain streams which has kept my children very occupied indeed and they were delighted to find this little fella (a fresh water crayfish) lurking under the rocks:

And finally a family walk in the hills. Ahh :-)

Now, must go and do some of the 57 loads of laundry that awaits me! Byeeeeeeee


  1. I think I also have 57 loads of laundry to do as well, btw! and I didn't even go away! hehe

    ciao again!


  2. I love your self portrait! lol that's cute!
    your pages are the colours you employ! just stunning!

    have a great Sunday!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Fabulous pictures, such lovely scenery and I love the journal page - it made me relax just reading how relaxed you were!
    Looks like you all had a great time xx

  4. Sounds like you had a really deserved chilled time Kate - Glad you managed to get some 'art' time in. Page as usuel is stunning - cant wait to see the rest.

  5. What a beautiful place for a break, isn't if wonderful that we still have these empty spaces in our crowded island?

  6. No wonder you didn't want to come home! I love your photographs Kate...that crayfish! What would we do without our camera capturing those little slivers for alltime. Your page is fantastic, I love the blending colours and I've so got to get me some of those stampotique critters!

  7. 57 loads of washing - you need to learn to pack lighter hun... been to Tenerife for 2 weeks and have come back with 6 loads and there was six of us went...

    Sadly I was too busy sunbathing by the pool to keep up with my 365 challenge but just uploaded March yesterday and just started April today so I am playing

    Back to reality tomorrow with the school run and maybe a little time to play..take care..Kirsti xx

  8. Kendal looks absolutely wonderful. So glad you had a nice time and got so much journalling done! Now, back to the laundry, you ;)

  9. What a fabulous place to go and chill. You have got some lovely pictures, Kate. Your pages are great looking forward to seeing the rest.

  10. absolutely gorgeous journal page darling and the holiday looked lovely, glad you had a lovely relaxing time. Urgh laundry is the worst :(

  11. Reminds me of family holidays in the Lakes and Dales when I was a child.
    I keep meaning to ask, is it a stamp you use to make those crosses like staples/stitches on your pages?

  12. Fabulous photos of a fabulous trip... I can see the self-portrait shoes showing up in a journal page, somehow, lol. Who was the very brave person holding the crayfish? Rather you than me... Great post!

  13. What a fabulous place - I can see why the sentiments on your journal page were so whistful - what a place to just stop and BREATHE!!
    Glad you had a wonderful time. TFS.
    Lesley x

  14. Looks like you had a lovely time, gorgeous pics. Love the page - I recognise those 7 Gypsies stamps; they might have just landed thru my letter box the other day (shh, don't tell the other half!).

  15. oooh! catkins and sticky buds - they remind me of my childhood. Glad your children have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful free things that England has to offer.
    Your page is great and says what a lot of us would like to feel...
    Hope the weather is good for drying your washing.
    Sue x

  16. Thank you for sharing this bit of bucolic bliss!!!! I hope your relaxed state of mind stays while you're doing your 57 loads of laundry!!! LOL! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  17. The more I see those Stampotique folkies, the more I want some!! Loved seeing all the pictures from your break - could practically smell the fresh air, idyllic. xx

  18. I LOVE your Blog!! You are such an inspiration!! Your children are so lucky to have you as their mom!!

  19. Thanks for sharing your holiday photos!! Such beauty all around. My husband and I were in England 20 some years ago, I so want to go back.

    Love you journal pages, you do such a great job!!

  20. Fantastic photo's the place looks idyllic. Must be great to journal while you are away. You always inspire me with your lovely pages. x

  21. lol, i take just the same self portraits :) glad you had such a wonderful time, you certainly deserve it, and the Lakes in spring are fabulous

  22. Those stampotique stamps are fab and you used yours so gorgeously on your journal page.. .I love it and your photographs are stunning too.
    Chris xx

  23. Gosh...your getaway looks amazing. Thanks for sharing pictures of where you were. I love as always your journal page! You rock! Laundry...gosh, I wish I had an answer for that one...I struggle to keep pile o' laundry under control!
    Many blessings!

  24. So glad you had a lovely holiday Kate that place looks lovely and quiet. Good you had the weather for it too.

    Your photos are stunning. Got anymore? :)


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