Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm ready! Are you?

Yay! I'm pleased to say I'm all ready for April! Although it is supposedly British summertime, it still feels decidedly un-spring like here up north. My daffodils are not yet in flower, there is no sign of any frogspawn in the pond and we have had lots of rain, high winds and even thunder and lightening this week. So, I opted to prepare my April page using the old saying 'April showers bring forth May flowers'.

If you're still in the calendar challenge, leave a comment here so I can visit your blog and take a peek. 3 months down, only 9 to go LOL!

For April I just couldn't resist using this litle guy by Stampotique again, but this time I drew him an umbrella:

The flower stamp is by Hero Arts, and the grungy, scratchy background is from the King of all things inky, Tim Holtz. I just love the grungy effect you can achieve with his background stamps:

The letters are by Paper Artsy:

And here is March finished:

If you should happen to read the small print (and I really can't blame you if you don't!) then you will see that I have an unexpected day off work today. I woke up this morning with no voice. None at all, not even a squeak. Not great if you are a teacher (although my class probably think that me losing my voice is the best thing that could happen to them). My own children have already worked out that they can be naughty because Mummy can't tell them off.......hmmmm......

Anyway, what's a girl to do on an unexpected day off work? The washing? No. The ironing? No. Vacuum the house? No. Tidy up the garden? Don't be silly. I can feel some inky fingers coming on......!

Bye for now.


  1. WOW hun I LOVE this april page !!!! being an April baby I always love the April showers, they bring present with them hahahahaha Your March page looks FAB these journal calanders look so great when there filled in, i think im definately going to do one next year :)

  2. oh always forgot to meantion love the article in craft stamper this month, sad the journalling special has finished now though xxxx

  3. Those pages look fab, so bright and colourful. Hope you feel better soon and sorry to read about Bob.
    I thought today was 1st April, so I have to go and make another square for March! Need to finish April's today.
    Oh and how dare it snow on your new car!! xx

  4. No voice?!? I would just die of would love it though - just like yours! We're in the midst of snowstorms here - roads closed, traffic chaos and all the lovely primroses I planted in tubs last week covered under a layer of snow...

    Fabby pages - planning on posting mine later. Really pleased with how March turned out and there might be an umbrella or two in my April pages aswell...! Amazingly, I've had April ready for a week now - woo hoo!

    Hope your voice returns soon! xx

  5. Oooh I love these colours! I too love that scratchy stamp.
    I'm still in the challenge - not that you'll get to see it yet 'cos my blog won't let me upload pictures! I have to wait for my computer mending future son-in-law to come and sort it out. So I'm blogless till then.
    I hope you feel better soon x x

  6. Fab calendar pages Kate! Hope your voice returns soon!

  7. I love the finished pages. I haven't even thought about April's pages yet .... and it's tomorrow!!

  8. Ooooh I'm still in awe of your March background Kate & along comes another one. :D
    I'm already for tomorrow. Just need to get a photograph sorted out. Tis dark & rainy here too. :(
    Hope your voice comes back soon.xx Looks like school has finished for you till after Easter.:)
    Will pop back when I've blogged. Gez.

  9. Gorgeous work Kate :). Hope you feel better soon.

  10. The simple answer is no I'm not ready for April but I have finished March :) I love your March page. Do you think there are many of us still taking part? I've already had fun looking back on January and February remembering when I did things.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Your blog just absolutely amazes me!!! Your work is fabulous...hope you feel better

  12. g g gorgeous kate, your work is so inspiring, I was following the journal piece in CS this week and only realised it was you (kathryn wheel), or you are Kate Crane!!!!, have posted my fc to my blog, would love you to check it out, have done inside cover now and am loving it, cant wait to get to the pages, so thank you for the brilliant articles, wishing you better and now I want that scratchy stamp.

  13. Ohh another inspiring page Kate :) Gotta love them cooky characters - I've just ordered my first 3 (arrived this morning) and I feel the need for more LOL. Will need to load my March & April pages soon.
    Hope your feeling better soon. I do beleive chocolate eggs are a great soother for sore throats and lost voices LOL.

  14. I'm still on board and finding it really enjoyable. Just blogged March but no start on April's backgrounds although the squares are ready. Love April's page with the brolley.

  15. Yes - ready with an April page but I'm not quite done with March. I do have a hypothetical (is that what I mean?) note from my mum though as I've been in hospital for an operation and got a bit behind. Hopefully it'll be posted by Easter.
    Frogspawn arrived in Easingwold last Sunday - hope it doesn't freeze tonight!
    Very jealous of your Stampotique images - they seems to have come in stock and got sold out from Dyan's website whilst I was in hospital.

  16. Love the stampotique and the colour scheme - happy to report March and April pages completed and posted.

  17. Gorgeous pages I posted on mine that I'd almost got April ready (LOL) and i've managed to finish March, I love how colourful your daily entries are - really must try harder on mine because mine are a little mono-tone (black pen syndrome!)

    Hope you are having a good day, I did some more work on my April page last night which I'm really pleased with so will attempt to post again later!


  18. Kate its beautiful, I 'lurk' on your site and your pages inspire me every time. I especially love what you did with Dweeze lol

  19. Love the way your March page developed Kate and it seems we've both gone for the April showers theme too. I just popped over to Judes blog and she has umbrella's lol.
    Love your page!
    I'm still so enjoying this challenge.
    Just blogged my pages.
    Lesley x

  20. I've blogged my March & April pages here.
    Thanks for looking. :)
    Have a lovely Easter.

  21. These are fantastic Kate, stunning, Hope you're feeling better today. Here's mine, sorry don't know how to do the linky thingy.

  22. I think we've all gone for's amazing how programmed we all are!!! Love your pages, especially the Stampotique man.....some of those stamps are definitely on my wish list!

    Jayne x

  23. I've blogged my March and April pages now xx

  24. Love your pages Kate. I hear the voice is still somewhat lacking, hope a week in the lakes will give you plenty of time to recuperate and create too! P.S I have tagged you, check my blog for details...

  25. Lovely pages - as always. I'm still playing along. I haven't gone for a brolly - just the flowers.My pages are on my blog and also flickr.

  26. You have such dedication, and your March journal pages show it. Having your April journal pages ready was a real bonus. Hope you are now well. Maybe it was the old April Fool who stole your voice.

  27. I have blogged my March pages and am really enjoying this challenge.

    Thanks Kate for the continuing inspiration. x

    Your pages are fabulous. :)


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