Sunday, 10 January 2010

Still playing with doll's heads....

I loved using this image of a doll's head in a recent journal page so I decided to add it to an ATC too! I made the background with distress re-inkers and Pearl Pigments which creates a luscious shimmery effect. I stamped Tim Holts and Ma Vinci stamps with distress inks and Stazon before adding the image. A bit of stitching, a bit of beeswax (to give the head an ethereal quality), a bit of rusty wire and ta-da! Finished!

Now, I have moaned much about the snow and the arctic conditions in general in the UK at the moment but even I have to admit that nature can create something very artistic and beautiful:

And I couldn't resist taking this photo of myself:

Just before I go, how are you all getting on with your 365 calendar challenge? If you haven't yet looked at the flickr group, do have a look here  because there are a lot of examples on there already. You can upload your pics to the group at any time, whatever state of completion your calendar page is in!

Starting tomorrow, my hours at work are being doubled *gulp*. That should cramp my style a bit.........wish me luck.......



  1. I absolutely love this!! Wonderful!!

  2. Ooo Kate, Good luck with your new work hours - rather you than me LOL!
    Love your photos - those icicles are just beautiful. You have far more snow than we have!
    Lesley x

  3. that's scary! fabulous but scary LOL

  4. fab photo's and love the dolls head piece thats so spooky and excellently designed
    hugs June x

  5. Kate, you reveal more talent every time I visit your blog! It looks like you can add photography to that list.... those photo's are great!
    Coming back to the ATC, I love that too, the background is stunning and I'm beginning to love that dolls head image! Hope the working hours x2 don't prevent you from sharing your lovely work! x x

  6. Oh no, that's no good, hope it's not permanent!! Fab icicles, we've got a handful, nothing as amazing as these!!

  7. Your ATC is creepy good!! Love the photos too! I see I am now not the only one to have to work at the day job all the time!

  8. Think the icicles are amazing but the dolls head image is too spooky for me. I'm a bit like that with clowns too.
    I see a new career as a photography magazine contributor as well as a craft journalist so the double hours may soon be a thing of the past.
    Very clever photo. I see the snow is still very much there. Hope it thaws soon, pretty though it might be.
    Sue x
    ps what does the atc wording mean - or am I being thick?

  9. Love what you've done with the dolls head, and the background is beautiful. Good luck with the longer hours, glad I've retired. Ann x

  10. I do love your ATC... Its beautiful??? And boo to having your hours doubled....x

  11. okay the dolls heads are creeping me out a bit... but I like it!! :-) I also love your button for the site which I've grabbed and gleefully placed on my blog. Your "I love comments" sign is adorable - I need something like it for my genealogy blog.

  12. oh WOW Kate, i'm loving these dark, scarey images...fabulous !

    Thanks for your visit earlier, it was a doodle and i coloured her with prismas, though it went a bit wrong in places...too impatient, to bed now feeling very sorry for myself :(

  13. I agree that there is definitely something spooky about eyeless dolls' heads - but love your treatment - good luck with the extra hours!

  14. Kate oh how your art thrills me !!!
    I love this new doll piece,so neat. I love your photo, major cool is this picture. Best wishes with the new work hours,you have to create art. We will miss you too much.....
    Thanks for sharing, love your blog.

  15. LOVE this ATC hun, these creep dolls heads are the best, also love the photos, the icicles are stunning

    good luck with the more hours at work :o/ xxx

  16. Extra work hours good for the purse but bad for the craft time lost. Hope time evens itself out for you. Love the icy photo and you cheated photographing yourself - we can't see you. hahahaha :)


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