Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'm baaaack!

Sorry about the absence of blogging this week but I've been sunning myself in 30 degree temps in Spain all week LOL! Read about it on the journal page above if you like. The first time I have been on hols with my entire family - all 13 of us - 7 adults and 6 kids all in a ginormous villa in the Spanish mountains. I think we were lucky with the weather 'cos it was hot and sunny every day, not bad for October. The children are all aged between 6 and 10 and they had a fabby time with each other and barely got out of the swimming pool. I even went into the pool on a few occasions (solar heated my ar*e!)
Here are a few pics from the week. For those of you in kinder climates remember that England can be very dreary at this time of the year; it's cold, wet, dark and windy. Unlike Spain! Check this out:

Look! Olives growing on trees! I usually only see them in jars........


I loved this little visitor to my sun lounger (as long as he didn't get too close...)

An here's the villa in the middle of the mountains:
My 10 year old niece - we call her Mart - LOVES art and craft, she is my partner in crime. We spent a bit of time together this holiday just 'messing about'. We had limited resources with us but she really took to using my neocolours. The collage elements we cut out of her Mum's magazine while she wasn't looking! This is Mart's art:
She's got the hang of the funky, whimsical look don't ya think?

And finally, here is a finished journal page. I blogged this in its unfinished state but had some time for journaling while I was away.
Haven't had much chance to go blog hopping yet but hope to catch up with you all soon. Byeeeeeeeeee


  1. Welcome home!! Bit of a shock to come back to this weather, but glad you had a great time. Sounds fab :)

  2. Pleased to see you back, missed your gorgeous work. Your niece's work is awesome, love it. I also love both of your finished pages.

  3. Wow.. lovely finished pages from you and your little partner in crime... bet you wish you were still in Spain now...x

  4. Thanks for sharing - virtual holidays are a breath of warm fresh air

  5. Gorgeous work as usual!! You make journaling look soooo easy!! Glad to see and hear of your wonderful vacation!!

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun in the sun with your family. Thanks for sharing the pics!
    Mart sure has got the funky style down to a she loves what you make!
    LOVE your journal page - so colourful - but till find the spooky one really spooky!!
    Lesley x

  7. Hi Kate! It does sound like you had a fantastic time. How fun to have all of you together in such a beautiful place as well!!! Tell Mart I see the beginnings of another journal queen, just like her aunt!! :) She really did a great job! So love the striped legs and I still love those hats on birds!!!

    I am sure you have lots to catch up on being home. I have yet to do laundry since I have been home from PR - that's been two weeks!!! Yikes!!!!

  8. Welcome home! So nice to hear that you had a wonderful time on vacation - well deserved! Love your pages and your little niece's work. It's always fun to have a kindred spirit along! Hugs, Terri

  9. Tell Mart that she´s a real artist! Good to see you back in cold England - sounds like your weather is very much like ours in Germany.

  10. hey there girlie, nice to hear your back. new boots been purchased in your absence, and Bezzy Su, so you got some catching up to do,

  11. Hi Kate
    So glad you had a good time - possibly catch up with you in person next year.
    Your journal pages are lovely as are Mart's - I do the same classes with the children as with the adults, just the results are slightly different.
    Sue x
    ps I have olive trees in my garden and no arthritic pain living in the sunshine - bliss!


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