Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Holiday journaling and a blog award

I really took very little art stuff with me on my recent hols (yeah, I know, unbelievable isn't it?!) The good old neocolours come in very handy at times like this. So I made this page with very limited resources whilst sitting in the sun listening to the kids splashing about in the pool :-)  I recently went on a course called P4C or philosophy for children and it was inspiring to say the least. This was one of the things we talked about on the course - that your opinion is just ONE view amongst MANY others. Hmmmm, we're not always very good at understanding that are we?
Anyway, onto this:

I was given this blog award by two lovely bloggers the flutterby crafter and Tanya of Life is filled with pretty things, enjoy them!

The rules in accepting this award are:
Thank the person who awarded you.......THANK YOU BOTH  :-)
Copy the logo onto your blog 
Link to the person to your blog
Name 7 things that no-one really knows about you

Hmmmmmm I/ve been tagged a couple of times before so I'm not sure I've got seven things to tell. Here goes:

1     I hate housework but I'm slightly obsessed with hoovering and sweeping floors. I earned the nickname 'Mrs Mop' on holiday last week.
2     When I was little I had a very real but completely irrational fear of the roadsweeper. I used to run home screaming, shut all the curtains and hide until it had gone.
3     I used to be a brilliant sleeper but these days the conditions have to be right, very dark and very quiet. I have a pink fluffy eye mask that says 'fabulous' on it mwa ha ha ha. (Can't believe I'm sharing that one with you!)
4     I don't care for shoes, in fact I hardly own any and don't own a single pair of high heels but I go weak at the knees at the sight of new boots.
5     I like my own company. It's not that I don't like other people, really, I am quite sociable, but I also like being on my own.
6    I don't like shouting and arguing KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!
7    If I had to choose between art and music it would be a very very difficult decision.

Ok, I have to forward this on to 7 other bloggers. Hmmmm, this is always the tricky bit but I know that a lot of the blogs I visit already have this one.  But here goes, to bloggers who I visit regularly because they inspire me, entertain me, make me laugh . . . . . . .

Diana at Art'n'Play
Crimson Cat 05 at Life in the AZ desert
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Right, now I really must go and do some work :-(



  1. I am very with you there on number four re the not a single pair of high heels and going weak at the knees about boots... great page - she looks very cross indeed...x

  2. Beautiful page Kate, love the colours and I agree with the text.

  3. Sounds like it was a really interesting course! Makes for a great page.
    I love shoes, funky different ones are the best, especially if they're red, but I am also drawn to high heels! Got a fab pair for last year's Christmas do and tottered up and down the corridor at school in them I was so chuffed about getting them :)
    Thanks for the award :) Aaaagh, seven things ;)

  4. I totally love your Zetti art piece,Kate.
    This is just fabulous,really enjoyed seeing it. I just finished a Zetti journal page myself.
    This is great,I would love to see more like this one.
    Thanks for sharing,Hugs Laura.
    Such brilliant imagination !!!

  5. Great work for such few supplies!!! I hate shoes also.

  6. fab journal page hun and love the facts hehehe the roadsweeper one did make me giggle :) xxx

  7. I love how you mix 'n' match your images ... a zetti head on an itkupilli body, very cool. How true it is about opinions and yet wars start over the differences in them. Thanks for the award Kate, will put on my blog a little later ... am having some issues with internet, sometimes I can bring up blog pages and other times I can't ... drives me a little crazy 'cause I can't visit my friends or leave comments ...

  8. If only we could all be more tolerant of others' opinions, what a different world we would live in!
    Great page, great content!
    x x


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