Friday, 2 October 2009

Craft Stamper, a Blog Award and Stick Insects

Today is Craft Stamper day (UK). The latest edition of Craft Stamper is out in the shops YAY! so here are some sneaky peeks of my latest project. It is unusually glitzy for me, but hey! it was a Christmas project. We all need a bit of bling at Christmas.

Now, here is a blog award from the lovely Cindy. How nice! Thanks for thinking of me Cindy. Apparently I have to list 5 things about myself........hmmmmm.....

1 I am a Mum to 2 gorgeous children, 1 house bunny, 5 guinea pigs and 5 stick insects (more about that in a moment)
2 I don't like getting out of bed on a morning and it takes me several hours to fully come round. I read about it in a magazine once and it has a name! Sleep Inertia! Ha ha ha!
3 I also have imposter syndrome and duck syndrome LOL :-))))
4 Art makes my heart happy but it can also turn me into a grumpy monster if things don't go right or if the creativity fairy has left me.
5 I am the world's biggest fidget and can't sit still for more than about 5 seconds.

I am going to gib on handing this one on, and instead hand it on to all my lovely blog followers because you make me smile :-)
Now, as if 5 guinea pigs and a house bunny wasn't enough I am now proud Mummy to 5 stick insects (er....actually if these belong to my son does that make me a grandma?!) If you don't like insects look away now:

For the last two days it has not been the alarm clock that has woken me up, it has been a small boy whispering in my ear that I have to get up RIGHT NOW because a stick insect is shedding its skin. Bluuuuurghhh. Being a parent is a steep learning curve that's for sure!


  1. Just read my craft stamper and really loved your projets. The designs and colours are gorgeous. Hopefully I will have a project in it next issue. It's all photographed and ready, so fingers crossed.
    Sue x

  2. Your sneeky peek is enticing, looks very pretty!! I don't know if our Barnes and Noble carries it here in the U.S. but I will check. Love your answers to the blog make me smile!

  3. I have my copy of crafty stamper sitting on my lap right now, fab article yours projects are so inspiring darling. i did laugh read your 5 things about yourself hehehehe congratulations on the new stick babies hehehehe

  4. Absolutely love your projects in Craft Stamper, I got mine earlier in the week and have been working out a take on your projects. I just love everything you do, soooooo creative. Good luck with the stick insects. Ann xx

  5. Hi Kate,
    Seen your project in CS - gorgeous!
    It sounds like you're starting a menagerie at your house!
    x x


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