Monday, 14 September 2009

How did that happen?!

Today I titled my blog post 'How did that happen?' because this journal page started out blue! I am often asked how I journal but it's very difficult to say because each time it seems to be different. Sometimes I put a wash of colour down just to get started and cover up the scary blank white page, that way I feel as if I have at least made a start. Here I did a quick wash with neocolor II.:
Then I added some pieces of music manuscript torn from an old music encyclopedia. Music has played a very big part in my life (I am a music teacher!) so it often features somewhere on my pages even if I do paint over it! I know it's there even if it doesn't show and that's what counts.... (You can see it very faintly in the finished page).
Now I add some acrylic paints. This is the point where I want to give up because now it looks DISGUSTING. If it was a removable page I would probably bin it right now.
Ahh, that's better! Some colour. I'm starting to like it again :-)  I added the colour using a Paper Artsy Splodger but an old credit card would work just the same. I haven't done this in my journal before but I like it, I do!
At this point I lay some collage images on and move them around a little until I'm happy with the look. Here I use some odds and ends left over from Teesha Moore collage sheets and re-collaged them!
Now I'm starting to enjoy myself because this is where I get to doodle on the page with anything that I have to hand. On this page I have added a touch of charcoal, some more neocolor II, white gel pen, and black marker:
Ta-da! Finally I add the journaling. I always always write straight onto the page, mistakes and all, without thinking about it too much. If I think about it or plan what I am going to write, it loses its honesty and starts to sound pretentious. Here I added a little felt tip as well, just for good measure.
If you do choose to read the small print (although I can't say I blame you if you don't ha ha!) you will see I have had yet another hectic weekend. My daughter's birthday, a sleepover, a meal out, a family party, my Mum coming to stay, a trip to the Great Northern Papercraft Exhibition - all in the space of 3 days. My writing seems to reflect this as my words have come out as a bit of a jumble.
And if you look at the top of the page you will also see that I'm getting irritated by my eyesight grrrrrrrrrrr. If I wear my contact lenses I can see far away but I can't see to read. If I wear my glasses I can take them off to read but then I can't see far away. What's a girl to do?!
Does a journal always have to be deep and meaningful? I don't think it always has to be so, it's whatever you want it to be. I quite like to ramble about my day, or my weekend or whatever. It empties my very busy head and I sleep better at night for doing so  :-)
Byeeeeeee for now.


  1. This is a fun page, I like it! I love how journaling is different for different people; for me it's the splooshing of paint, cutting out of pics or stamping and general pootling about with art materials which I love, I often don't get as far as any writing! I love your zetti look.
    Sleep well!!

  2. I love that you journal, I used to in a non creative way and now I don't write at all ... I love the step by step, might have to try it sometime.

  3. Kate this page is great fun!
    Most of mine start out one way and end up totally different!! So love the final colors on this!!

  4. A gorgeous page as ever Kate! I appreciate your step by step too. Totally connect with the actual journaling part where you write straight onto the page or it gets too 'engineered' And the eyesight thing too! I'm just at that place where I have search for my glasses to read everything! sending texts is a chore, if I do it without my glasses, its kind of gobbledy gook! lol x

  5. It's lovely to see how you've created your page from beginning to end. Inspiring. Love the finished page.
    Lesley x

  6. Hi Kate! I saw your work on flickr Zettiology, and had to pop over! I think your work is amazing!! Thanks so much for showing the process to a newb like me! I am a jewelry designer and mixed media artist, newer to the latter! You work is incredible, I adore it, and the previous posted ATC's are smashing!!

    Also on flickr in crowabout too.

  7. Oh such amazing layers! Thank you for showing how you acheived this! Love the layout!

    Also thanks for stoppin' by my blog!

    Regards, Brian

  8. love the colours on this page! so totally my colours at this moment in life! take care xox

  9. This post is SO funny! Hiding completely what I´ve done first is something I´m doing all the time ... but that´s the fun in playing, isn´t it?


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