Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Journal backgrounds TO GO!

We're off on our hols soon for some much needed sunshine, but I have a dilemma. Much as I love being on holiday I get twitchy without all my art stuff. Can't sit still for more than two seconds (ants in my pants as my Mum has been saying for the last 42years). What's a girl to do? Don't know if I can get away with taking my acrylics in the suitcase so I'm compromising. Thought I'd paint a few backgrounds ready to go and then I only need to fit my PITT pens, sharpies, pastels, felt tip markers, charcoal pencils, water soluble crayons, pritt stick and a few images in the suitcase LOL (Do you think he'll notice?!) Better not forget to pack the journal.

This is completely backwards to the way I usually journal and it's been quite liberating. I usually know what I'm going to journal about and try to make the background and images relevant, but not this time! I'm just slapping it on in a happy fashion. Maybe I should always do it like this? Oh, and I lost my one and only bit of sequin waste so I had to make do by punching some holes in a scrap of card with my crop-a-dile but it worked ok.
Bye for now


  1. I like these very much!! Don't you just love the old woman image from Teesha? I usually do my backgrounds first then add images and stuff later. Have a great trip!

  2. Your journal pages are stunning, they look as good as Teesha Moore's work. You've really got the creative journalling down pat ... I wish we had someone like Dyan close to us. Have fun on your holiday.

  3. This approach definitely works well for you. To die for backgrounds. The second page is really unique with the older woman and the big graphic x-marks. Great work, Kate.

    Enjoy your holidays !!!


  4. Kate, I have looads of sequin waste at home, I'll pop some through your letterbox for when you get back. Such a good plan of yours by the way, I had such withdrawal symptons whilst we were away, I even looked for some supplies, but had no joy. Love the article as well by the way - best thing in, in my opinion!


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