Monday, 3 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

Sometimes I do something other than paint (not often tho!) This cushion cover has taken me.....wait for it....4 YEARS to complete! Ha ha ha ha LOL. Yes, now it is finally finished no-one is allowed near it, let alone lean on it or sit on it. It is a work of art not just a cushion! Here's a close up:

It is knit in wool from a Wensleydale sheep - this is a breed of sheep with what I can only describe as dreadlocks. I go to a knitting group at a friend's house and this is what we do: Arrive. Have a glass of wine. Chat. Have another glass of wine. Think about taking knitting out of bag. Admire each other's knitting projects. Have another glass of wine. Give up on the idea of doing any knitting. Chat a bit more. Stagger home.
So now you know why my cushion cover has taken 4 years!
On a different subject, my husband brought this home the other day as he thought I might have a use for it.

So I added some ATCs - some of my own and some from my friends around the world. I love the idea of art that changes rather than a static picture on the wall. I can change and update this when I feel like it. There are some of my ATCs here and some beautiful art from Shelly, Diana, Marsha, Valerie, Sue and Lori.

I LOVE it :-)

Byee for now


  1. Oh my gosh, that is is coolest wool I have ever seen. I agree, a work of art!!

    Love what you did with the metal heart thingy. It looks fantastic with all the ATC's on it!!! Great idea!!

  2. You are so funny! Does one have to actually knit to be in your knitting group cuz I think I could pretend well under the described routine - sounds like my kinda girls night out! But judging by your beautiful cushion, I probably would get found out. How dang cool is that sheep wool? I think I'd like the whole sheep - I'd just pet it constantly even if I couldn't lay on it.

    Your ATC structure! What a clever husband you have to know to bring that home and you would put it to its perfect purpose!

    Thanks for your lovely visits. I love it when you come by.

  3. Oh, had to zip back and share a link with you. I was blog visiting and someone (a blog I just love to visit regularly) coincidentally had an animated short about knitting on her blog - YOU need to see it. It made me think of you. Here's the link to the post, the video is at the bottom of the post.

  4. Kate, your journal pages are outstanding and kudos to you for finishing a project, even if the knitting did take 4 years. I love the ATC structure and feel blessed that one of my ATCs is displayed. Keep well ... until next time.

  5. Wow!!...what a great find!And what a great hubby to be on the look-out for good stuff like that for you!
    Love the story of the cushion...LOL


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