Friday, 31 July 2009

Cupcake Queen

Finally I finshed my journal page for Dyan's challenge here . I'm always a slow worker but this one had me stumped for quite a while. The challenge was to use one of Lisa's Altered Arts queen images but even Dyan got sick of waiting for me while I pondered on the theme. In her words (and I quote from her blog) 'By the way, you've had a week and a half to think about it Kate, now just bloody get on with it, lmao'

I used a bit of everything on this page......old text, acrylic paint, distress inks, markers, water soluble crayons and probably more....
Byeee for now


  1. Tell her, "Jeez woman, quality takes time!"

    Dis is awesome...

  2. ha ha knew that would put a rocket up you...!!
    The layout is fabby, love it..xx

  3. Forgot to say, nice article in Craft Stamper, thanks for the plug xx

  4. Well it turned out fabulous!!

  5. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! truly, i always think that about your art. it's always wonderful!

  6. You know that old saying " Rome wasn't built in a day" and " patience makes perfect " ... It's looking pretty darn good... Nice work.

  7. I have to say that this Queen was worth the wait!! Nice page and certainly rings true with any fan of cupcakes!!


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