Monday, 8 June 2009

Take That And Party!!

Oh boy, did I have a good weekend. Months and months ago I managed to get tickets to go and see Take That on the very first night of their tour. For those of you who may not know, Take That were a bit of cheesy boy band back in the 1990s. They split up and then reformed a few years ago much more grown up and gorgeous than the first time round. This is the biggest selling tour ever in the UK. I was there with 50,000 others on Friday night and it was one of the best things I have ever seen. I read a review the day after in The Times which said it was over the top. OF COURSE IT WAS, THAT'S WHY WE ALL GO!!! I loved every second and would go back again given half a chance. I won't tell you what happens incase you have tickets to go but let's just say there are a few surprises in store if you're going....... People always ask 'which is your favourite member of Take That?' Can't answer that - they are just a collective bunch of gorgeousness LOL! Oh well, ok ok, if you make me choose I'd have to say Jason :-))))
So, of course I had to do a journal page in my new diary journal. I used a couple of promo pics and cut up the wrist band we were given on the night to add to the page. I used Red because the gig was at Sunderland football stadium and Sunderland play in red!
Bye for now. Unfortunately I have to go to work......!
P.S. Although it is supposedly summer in England it was freezing on Friday, in fact the frost warning light even came on in my car (4 degrees!) As it was an open air gig in a stadium this is a summary of what I was wearing:

1 x pair of long jeans
1 x pair long Doc Marten boots
1 x vest
1 x long sleeve T-shirt
1 x short sleeve T-shirt
1 x woolly cardigan
1 x winter coat
1 x woolly hat (yes, really)
1 x pair woolly gloves

Ah, gotta love British summertime :-))))) Anyway, we soon wamred up once the band came on LOL!


  1. Fabulous and you know i didnt even know they were on as sunderland. Love your work on this Kate its brilliantly journalled
    Hugs June xxxxxx

  2. Absolutely fabulous page, just love the colours.

  3. another great page. loving you work in your new journal!

  4. You're a hoot, glad you had such a great time at your concert ... I'm loving how your journal is coming along. It's winter here and the days are 21 degrees celsius(although it chills down to 13 degrees at night).

  5. what were you wearing?!!
    want to put x-marks my spot just by the splash zone on your pic - it was a pretty fab show ;o)
    Unlike you i've not got around to putting it to paper yet - am wondering where the queue to leave the multi-storey car park should go on the page!?

  6. Gorgeous men on a gorgeous page !! Oooohh, you had so much fun, and my God, look at that crowd.
    I love the list of what you wore. Too funny, Doc Martens are my standard concert footwear, too !!!
    Very, very awesome page.


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