Thursday, 4 June 2009

Just a little journaling...

Remember the new leather book I got from La Paperie? As well as stroking it and sniffing it I took the plunge and have done a few pages. If I can keep the leather clean on this book while splashing the acrylic paint around I'll be very surprised. The first page is the hardest of course, in case you mess up your lovely new book! Anyway, I'm treating this journal more like a diary and this is the story in brief of a family outing last week. Quite a warm day (for the north of England anyway) but the water was freezing cold for paddling in. I'm cheating in this picture - although I'm in the middle of a river I'm actually stood on a rock because my toes were about to drop off. After paddling we went for a walk in search of an ice-cream van HA HA HA and as we walked across a field of cows we realised they were bullocks and they began to chase our children. It's not often I feel that real gut wrenching, stomach lurching, legs turn to jelly type fear, but momentarily I did on that day. I never did like cows - big, clumsy things....... Ah well, we all lived to tell the tale :-)

Many layers on these pages - acrylic paint, old text, Tim Holtz mask, splatters, walnut distress ink and some Dark Room Door and Tim Holtz rubber stamps.

Right, off to work.


  1. Your journal pages are absolutely beautiful. I still haven't done the pages I was going to do in January with the things I wanted to achieve this year ... I guess I'm sticking with what I'm comfortable with - ATCs!

  2. cool pages! great story on the bulls, i had a run in with some too when i was little, omg!!! it's all coming back now, tnx kate!! lol

  3. That sounds like it was a close call with the cows. It really is scary to be pursued by an animal.
    I really love the colors on these pages. Your diary/journal will be a masterpiece.

  4. Hi Kate, great start to your diary!I love how you've prepared your pages but most of all its a great way of recording your memory of that day - scary though it was with the bulls and all!

  5. Hello my dear friend! I have tried to catch up a bit today and I am so way behind I may never get it all caught up. I've skimmed through all of the posts I've missed from you but I will have to come back and really enjoy them. I wanted to at least pop in and leave a big fat humongous thank you for leaving me such kind and supportive comments. You blog buddies are priceless and have truly helped me through a bit of a rough patch. Thank you, Kate!

    Now, all the skimming here has not hindered the drooling. You've been up to completely lovely creating! I love the "wings of hope" in the piece below and really wish I could read the not for public viewing words, I'm so curious! hee hee And these pages are fantastic but the story that accompanies them is so fun and exciting! I think I may be afraid of cows now! (and there's some right down the road I can see and hear from my Dad's front porch - like a block away! - hope they can't break into houses at night while innocent daughters are sleeping after long days of taking care of ill dads! That's probably like their favorite thing to chase! hee hee)

    I'll be back soon to finish catching up. I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks again!


  6. Oh this is a wonderful spread!
    love, love, love it!!!

  7. Oh wonderful. I love the pages, Kim

  8. Fabulous art work. I love your journal page, and definitely love your blog.

  9. I have one of her journals and have wanted to use paint in it. I assume the paper is the same - did you gesso your pages first?? How did they take the paint??



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