Saturday, 27 June 2009

Party time!

Busy, busy day. This morning I did a workshop for adults using Marvy Markers on rubber stamps. They liked it! I know becasue they all went off to buy Marvy Markers! And then this afternoon I did a craft party for a lovely little girl who is about to turn 9. SHe wanted to do some painting and so we did. This was my sample:

And this is what 12 little girls managed to produce in 1 1/2 hours:

Amazing aren't they? I love working with children (which is why I'm a teacher I guess LOL!) because they don't think TOO much, they just get on with it without worrying about whether the colour is right etc etc. And yet, they have very precise ideas about what they do and don't want. Have you ever tried encouraging a 9 year old to add glitter when they don't want any glitter?!!
By the way, all images came from Lisa's Altered Art . I've been using images from here for ages but these are the new Zetti style images and were just perfect for this occasion.
Bye for now


  1. Hi Kate
    You just keep on getting better and better! Absolutely love all your work and how those girls must have loved that party.
    Hugs Sue

  2. They ARE amazing Indeed!!! Oh what fun they must have had and you as well!!!!!

  3. What a fun party that must have been.Their artwork is fabulous!!!

  4. OMG these are amazing loved seeing them altogether too x Tallented little girls you taught x

  5. I discover your blog via flickr, your work is impressive there are many of the very beautiful pieces!!

  6. Well I know my little girl loved it. I have even had to put her canvas on the wallin her room myself - apparently she couldn't wait for Daddy to get around to it!


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