Wednesday, 6 May 2009

From fish to birds.....

I just love this collection of bird stamps from Invoke Arts. Infact I love everything by Invoke Arts and when I win the lottery (ha ha) I shall have one of everything :-)
I chose one of my inky backgrounds for this little fella and added a couple of stamps by Stampers Anonymous. A touch of stitching and a bit of mica and ta-da!
Now, is it just me or does everyone take about 2 or 3 hours to make an ATC? You would think that this one was pretty quick to knock together huh? Not a bit, I am very sloooooow when doing anything arty. Maybe I ponder too much. Because of this anything that I make tends to happen over several days. I add a bit and then leave it, then come back to it and add a bit more and so and so on. And sometimes it will have a little time-out in the bin when I decide I don't like it, before hurriedly retrieving it when I decide that I do like it after all.
Bye for now................


  1. I noticed your bird ATC in the AATCUK and ATC World albums this morning and just had to come visit your blog to read all about it. The background colour is beautiful and the whole composition just speaks to me ... love your work.

  2. that atc is awesome! love it! love everything about it as a matter of fact. oh my gawd..i love invoke arts too! this year they weren't at my annual stamp convention and i near cried when i found out. i have those bird stamps, too. and takes me about that long to make a card too, so it's not just you.

  3. Oh it is not just you. I think I am the slowest art maker that ever was! But this is just spectacular and was worth every minute - you achieved pure perfection! Beautiful!

  4. your work is lovely and take as much time as you want!
    Debra from Canada

  5. Hi again! I left something for you on my blog. Be sure to read to the bottom of the "I'm a lucky girl" post. Enjoy.

  6. Kate - Another lovely addition to your work! Love the bird!!!

    Can you please stop by my genealogy blog and pick up yet another badge for your blog - the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award. Thanks for welcoming me to the artsy blogging world!

  7. oh, it's so nice to hear other people say they're slow! I am so slow at everything - after all, I have to get nearly every colour of ink and card, every stamp out and try them on the piece before I can possibly make up my mind, and that takes time doesn't it!
    Congrats on the article in Craft Stamper!

  8. I saw your bird ATC on AATCUK a couple of days ago and thought the background looked familiar!!! Then I realised today you were the same Kate in Craft Stamper :) Great article, and brill ATC. They take me ages too. In fact, I'm off work at the minute with a broken foot and spent the week working with alcohol inks for a demo at Port Sunlight yesterday. It took me a whole week to design five cards and two ATCs - how can it take so long!!!


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