Thursday, 19 March 2009

Playing with acetate

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So, I'm running another card making workshop soon and I promised the ladies we'd make some cards on acetate. Here's my first sample but I've discovered it's not the easiest thing to take a photo of! Simple to make but quite effective and I think the ladies (all 21 of them at the last count) will like making them I think. The white Stazon worked particularly well on the acetate and didn't slip around like I half expected it to. Not my usual style but I like it and it's just in time for Mother's Day (Look away Mum please.....ha ha )
Now I'm going to mess about with my usual inks and paints. I've been on a school trip with 60 children today and it was tremendous fun but I think I have earned a little 'me' time. I think I may have had a little snooze on the coach on the way back...............
Ciao for now.............


  1. classy card kate! i like!
    oh and i tagged you on my blog hihi! go check... smile!

  2. Love your style and I'm sure mum will be chuffed.

  3. Very pretty card. Lovely tones and great graphic appeal. The stamped images are so crisp it looks like screenprint.
    Mum will love it and your class, too.


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