Sunday, 4 January 2009

Last day of freedom...........

Arghhhhh! Back to work tomorrow - ah well, all good things must come to an end. I was just kind of getting into my creative stride and now I have to go back to work! (Oh no! Januaryitis is kicking in again!) It's not just the going back to work that leaves me feeling dismal. Going back to work signifies the end of the holiday period. It means I actually have to start following my new year's resolutions! For me it doesn't count until the holiday is over (which is just as well as I had 2 glasses of wine with my meal tonight follwed by 7 chocolates ha ha ha yum yum).
Anyway, here is a page I did a few days ago following a journalling prompt I found here: It suggested writing almost a letter to say farewell to 2008 and seeing as I had already done a page about new year's resolutions this seemed like a good idea. I have probably missed out some details but it doesn't matter because if I remember something I can just scrawl it round the outside. I just love this no rules approach to my art! Over the past few years I haven't been very successful at keeping a diary or journal but now I'm wondering if I will start to forget if I don't write it down. There were a few significant events in my family and personal life this year - 10 years of marriage :-), getting not one new job but two!, taking the children abroad for the very first time (which they loved).......... And an important one for me -I stopped making 'mainstream' cards which I had been selling to shops in favour of letting go and following my instincts (or making a mess! LOL) I love the direction this has taken me in and the friends I have made :-)))
Anyway, back to the page - the clock stamps I used are by Invoke Arts (I love their stuff but it's very hard to get hold of in England) with a couple of bits from the Tim Holtz ideology range.
I'm happy with the way this page and my resolutions page look when next to each other in my journal:
Bye for now.


  1. This art journal thing suits you, Kate. Great page !! Fits perfectly with the previous one on your resolutions.
    Hope your return to work goes smoothly tomorrow !!

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for visiting my blog. It's funny, I saw your journal pages on Flickr yesterday and really liked them. Then I saw you on Gill's blog today - then your message. I love how you have done your journal in a three ring binder. I will have to try that, I can see using a variety of different papers and stuff in it. Your pages are really great, love all the color and I especially live the crows with hats!!! :)

  3. Loving your journal pages Kate - they put the one I have done so far to shame - so hoping for your sake Dy does do a show and tell on Jan 25th (if that's when it is) but not for mine! New years resolution - must try harder ;o)
    Su (the one who kept using your bag as a bin - er sorry about that!)


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