Saturday, 10 January 2009

Give away!!

Finally! I have some blog candy! A while ago I promised a little give-away to celebrate my first thousand hits but then a couple of things got in the way. First of all I had to return to work after the Christmas break (I know, I know, I have moaned enough about this already) and then I was crippled by indecision over what to make to give away. I have to tell you that quite a few of my earlier attempts have ended up in the bin. Anyway here it is - a notebook measuring approx 12 x 9 cm. I'm happy with the shape of this book but do you realise how difficult it was to cut the pages out for the inside?! A little more forethought required next time LOL.
I took a break from my usual acrylic paints and made a backround with ecoline inks and some salt. These inks are fab - they can be really vibrant or watered down to pastel shades. I then added some text using a Paper Artsy stamp, an image from, a few Prima flowers, bit of stitching, a few ribbons and then used my beloved bind-it-all to make a book.

I am one of life's notebook carriers and have several hand made books in my handbag just in case. I like writing lists - to do lists - shopping lists - it declutters a busy mind and quite often my head feels full. I think books should be used not put to one side for later. I like them when they start to look a bit tatty and loved. I like to write down all the things I'm going to journal about WHEN I GET TIME HA HA!! My notebooks are also filled with games of hangman, and noughts and crosses by my children who do not like waiting anywhere for more than 30 seconds.
So, all you have to do is leave me a comment. I will, of course, be mortified if no-one leaves me a comment so please do :-) Next Friday I shall put names in a hat and ask my 6 year old son to pick one and then on Saturday I shall post it to the winner. I know some people use but I have no idea what that is and you can trust me on this - my son is a pretty random little guy at the best of times :-)


  1. what a beautiful notebook! and i like the size of it!
    funny, i got tagged and had to give 5 of my addictions! notebooks is one of them! glad i'm not alone!!

    xox tanya

  2. This is such a cool little journal! Diana B

  3. Wow your little book is awesome. If I were to be drawn this would make a great addition for me! Awesome blog btw!

  4. Hi Kathryn, love the colors you used on this journal. And look at her sweet little face. Great job!

  5. I think your little notebook is adorable. I have a guy that is impatient in line, we usually play categories. I will keep hangman in mind for the future. Thanks.

  6. Congratulations on your blog..a pleasure to read and see all the colour on what is a very cold and grey day..very uplifting to the spirits.
    I would love a little notebook like this to keep in my handbag and to take around with me to make a little piece of art in each day when I am doing boring stuff like waiting at the checkout/bus-stop etc.
    Lovely work..thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful - this is such a pretty, bright book. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  8. this little girl doesn't seem like she can wait 30 seconds to have her picture taken! love the look on her face, and the seeming juxtaposed message of a "love" theme. i guess we always love our kids, even with a face like that! rush from atc world

  9. Your notebook is lovely as is all the work you have posted here. You're a very talented lady!

    sandra aka rooibas, who is here from ATC_WORLD.

  10. fabulous giveaway - such a delightful cover! love to visit your blog, see your art and ideas, and your use of colour. To me the look on the little girl's face defies you to open the book!

  11. Love your journal Kate and it still has those lovely bright and vibrant colours. I'm also a list person, feels like I achieve something with all the things I want done ticked off.

  12. I LOVE this notebook, what is the salt for? the colors are wonderfully blended, and the layout is Fab also :)

    I hope to win, but then so do all of us LOL.
    Thanks for doing this.

  13. This is absolutely beautiful...perhaps a lovely notebook would help me with my new year's resolution, which is to write DAILY!

  14. That is such a pretty book,i d love to be in your draw and i hope you will visit my blog for a chanche on goodies too!

  15. Hey Kate !!!
    That is one niece piece of blog candy !!! Very fine job. I swear I thought the image was another vintage photo of a pouty relative.
    Ha ha.
    I think I see an Etsy shop in your future.

  16. You did a great job on that journal! Your efforts at making the odd size papers will not go unappreciated :o) I know I won't win, that's just how my luck goes, but whoever gets this is going to really love it. You are so talented!!!!
    Sorry that you haven't heard from me in awhile. I came out of hiding to update my blog and explain why I keep disappearing. Thank goodness for blog archives...I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do on your site and Shelly's when I have the time!

  17. I just love your notebook - the vibrant cover with all those fresh, clean pages just calling out to be written on or drawn on or to try out new ideas or just jot down what you see. It will snuggle in my bag alongside the pink purse my son bought me for Christmas really nicely!!!
    hugs Sue xx

  18. Nice book.
    -- Lois Richter (pop)
    -- active on ATC_World

  19. Just found you in time to be in with a chance of your blog candy x Love your artwork and as a fellow north yorkshireite I will add you to my blog too x

  20. I just have to tell you that I brought along this notebook (that is now gratefully in my possession) to an ATC meet & greet with a group of us today (including Sheree Rose!) and they were all oooohing and aaaahing over it ... and very jealous of me. Such beautiful creation Kate, thank you so much again, I love it.


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