Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Here I am!

Ooooh actually I'm feeling a bit shy about posting this but................oh what the heck....here I am. In all my pink, red and orange glory. It didn't take me long to fall back into my pink and orange rut did it?!
Well, I am at home today poorly sick...........cough cough cough........ see? Can't teach a class full of children while coughing approx once every 30 seconds and it wouldn't be fair to pass the bug on to them (although come to think of it they probably gave it to me hmmmmm). And yes, I have got a vest on, yes I am keeping warm, and yes I am watching my chest (sorry, that bit was for my Mum).
Ok, so more today about my art journal that I started in a fab workshop with Dyan at www.afth.co.uk
I started this page a while ago, you may have seen it in it's unfinished state over on flickr, and as this is the first page in my journal I decided to do it about me. I have hardly kept any of my own artwork over the years and for once I have decided to something for me so it made sense to do the first page about me. I added a few words around the image about er well me actually. I asked my husband to sum me up in a few words although I think I was giving him one of my 'be very careful what you say' stares and he probably realised he was dicing with death. He came up with 'sleepy' (he means I have to have my butt kicked out of bed every morning), 'practical' (probably right), creative (means I spend way too much time with a paintbrush in my hand), loyal (ah) and loving (double ah!). He managed to restrain himself from saying snappy, sulky, moody and bossy, bless him :-))))
I'll probably add more words as I go along but I do need a better pen, I've ordered one today on t'internet so watch this space. I read somewhere about a Faber Castell Pitt pen so that's what I've ordered. Don't tell me it's not what I need, it's too late now LOL.
.......cough cough cough............better go.
Bye for now

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  1. Oh my, hope you are well soon. Sorry to hear you are sick. Great page . . . your trademark colors are always wondrous to view. I like the way you did your "you" page . . . a self-portrait. Bravo. You have my sympathies: I am a drag-butt person in the mornings, too.


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