Sunday, 7 December 2008

Busy busy busy....

Well, I did say in a recent post you may need your shades (or sunnies) on for this one :-) This is one of the first finished pages for my art journal and is basically a rant about being tooooo tired and toooo busy. It's got a couple of my favourite things on it......lots of bright colour.........and lots of stitching. I actually got quite dizzy stitching round and round in a circle LOL. I'm naturally a 'neat' person so I had to force myself to stitch this in a wobbly fashion.
I spent a fab day at Dyan's studio today playing with different techniques to make the cover for my journal. Triple embossing.....painting on old book pages.......crackle glaze.......embossing and painting on photos. It was just lovely to sit and play all day. I was there for 5 hours but I swear it went by in 5 minutes!! I think the studio may really be a tardis..... :-))
Pretty soon I'm going to have to stop messing about and make some Christmas cards. I know some of you super organised people out there had them all finished about two months ago but I've yet to make one. I go to my craft room with the very best of intentions but then I get distracted by my paints.....or my meltpot.....or my rubber stamps..........and if I start blog hopping several hours can go by LOL!
Bye for now


  1. Super gorgeous fabulous work !!!! I LOVE the stitching (of course) and the colors . . . no one does color like you, Kate.
    Glad to hear you got a long stretch of play time. Sounds like you made good use of it. Can't wait to see more goodies.
    P.S. I actually know what a tardis is (and the Daleks, although I prob spelled that wrong) . . . many years of watching Dr. Who with my oldest brother. :-) :-) :-)

  2. I love your journal page, it's wonderful. I've joined an altered book group for next year, but it's a bit daunting at the moment, I'm sure this feeling will lessen once I get that first page done. I'm also a bit tardy in making my christmas cards ... maybe I'll start now ...

  3. This page is wonderfully unique, fresh & fun!


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