Friday 15 September 2023

Art journaling with Carabelle Studio

'Tweeters' by me! for Carabelle Studio 

I love a bit of art journaling, but I really REALLY love it in my junk journal.  

I often have a few bits lying around leftover from other projects and in this case this is exactly what happened. I had this crazy cross little bird from Tweeters already coloured, a bit of old ledger paper which I had added some inky marks to, and a scrap of Grafix Matte Duralar with alcohol ink on. (Haven't tried alcohol ink on Matter DuraLAr? Oh, you must! Its fab!)

There was a lot of dense colour on the Duralar so I left a lot of the ledger paper untouched - I like the contrast. I added a few scribbles with some Distress Crayon to tie it all together, and a couple of toadstools (washi tape stickers) and then a few of my usual splats and scribbles. A bit of stitching and Ta-Da!

Oh, and the quote is my own. Makes me LOL! And it's true ;-)

P.S. New Carabelle coming tomorrow! Woop! Watch this space!


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