Tuesday 24 January 2023

Let's Draw!

COMING SOON ... just uploading all the videos now which takes a little time, so watch this space!

This class has been a LONG time coming 🤣 But I hope I have covered all the bases - doodling, pattern building, self portraits, drawing from imagination, creating quirky characters, observational drawing (draw what you see), and urban sketching. Phew!

Make drawing part of your daily practice - it's so accessible, you don't need a heap of materials, and you can do it anywhere. Oh, and don't say you can't draw - the only person saying that is you! Of course you can! The more you draw the better you get, the better you get the more confident you become, the more confident you become the more you draw. See where I'm going here?!

This class will be available soon and it's all downloadable so you can add it to your own device and watch it anywhere. I'll be back soon with all the details!


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