Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Let's Draw! *New* class available now!

OKAYYYYYY! We are good to go! My latest pre-recorded self-paced on-line class is now ready for you :-)

So what is Let's Draw?!

Let's Draw is a pre-recorded class consisting of 8 downloadable step-by-step tutorials.

Who says drawing has to be ‘good’?
Who says drawing has to be realistic?

Drawing is for everyone. It is so accessible and if you allow yourself to enjoy it then it is also truly relaxing and so rewarding. If you have a sketchbook and pen with you wherever you go you will always have something to do or be able to capture a memory. DRAWING is such a broad subject but this class has a bit of everything - doodling, pattern building, single line drawing, creating whimsical characters, drawing from imagination and drawing what you see! 
Make drawing part of your daily practice - you don't need a heap of materials, and you can do it anywhere. Oh, and don't say you can't draw - the only person saying that is you! Of course you can! The more you draw the better you get, the better you get the more confident you become, the more confident you become the more you draw. See where I'm going here?!

The classes are held on Vimeo (a bit like You Tube) and full instructions and downloads are sent via email after purchase. Once in the group on Vimeo you can watch on-line or download to your own device to keep for ever.

Drawing is a very broad subject so I have broken it down into different areas.


Pattern building (soooo satisfying!):

Single line drawing - a cheat way to make anything look arty and sketchy!:

Drawing from imagination:

Right through to observational drawing and a bit of 'urban' sketching:

8 videos, over 3 1/2 hours of video, 4 downloadable help sheets, and a pdf. 

Don't say you can't draw - yes, you can!

Thank you as always for your ongoing support :-)



  1. Can’t wait to do this class. I just love your style of teaching


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