Friday, 10 June 2022

Little collage book

This little collage book gradually evolved, as I used up scraps of this and that, that were lying around on my work desk.

Everything I love is in this little project - book binding, distressing, mark making, stitching, stamping, grunge, silk ribbon .....

The cover is made from Leather Paper, which is fab stuff. You can stitch it, fold it. even iron it! Makes a really good sturdy cover.

I added three signatures, distressed of course, and stitched them to a little spine inside the book which I then glued in so nothing shows on the outside. It's also a lot easier to hand-stitch signatures to a small spine, than the whole cover (and I always look for 'easy').

I know a lot of you LOVE kits, so I made a limited number to make this little book - you can find them in my Etsy shop *here*



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