Friday, 28 January 2022

New release from Carabelle Studio!


Ooooh I love January! It's new release time! And this time at Carabelle Studio I have four new stamp sets, 2 stencils and a printing plate :-)

Now, don't tell me you don't like clowns, I'm having none of that! These clowns and jesters are friendly and fun, and after the last couple of years we all need a bit of lighthearted fun right? So many possibilities with these and I'll be back with lots more samples and ideas.

But for now, here's the full collection from me :-)

Clowning Around

Send in the clowns

I designed this head and shoulders set because you don't always need the full body!

Head and Shoulders

And sardines LOL!

This was inspired by one of my favourite Spike Milligan poems:

A baby sardine saw his first submarine
He was scared and looked through the peephole.
Now come, come, come said the sardine's mum
It's only a tin full of people.


This printing plate matches the stencil below. I have tried it out of course and I can tell you due to the large amount of 'positive' rubber you can get some awesome prints with this!

Floral Cluster

And finally a couple of sketchy floral stencils, because we all love stencils.

Open Floral


Thanks as always for your interest and enthusiasm. I'll be back with lots of ideas!



  1. Congratulations on a fabulous first release of 2022. Looking forward to seeing all the fabulous creations with these.

  2. Love these Kathryn. Great release 😊

  3. Kate,you have out done yourself! I am in love with the clowns and already know I want it all!

  4. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Fabulous new goods, of course. I've never heard of Spike Milligan - off to check out his stuff!


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