Sunday, 25 April 2021

Focus on All Kinds Of Everything

All Kinds of Everything
Available as Art Printing texture plate and also as a stamp

This design grew from an epic doodle I was playing around with at my art desk (I am a lifelong doodler!) 

Firstly it is available as a stamp. A LARGE stamp :-) You can see above and below how I simply stamped in black archival ink and then spent a restful few minutes just colouring in. I trimmed it down and added it to a gel press print where I used a feather, and placed it my junk journal (most things end up in there!)


But for a completely different look, here I stamped it in coloured archival ink and used it as a patterned background for my sausage dog :-) 

The Art Printing plate gives you a completely different look. Here are some prints I made during a mammoth printing session with alcohol inks. If you look back at my previous posts you can see how these became backgrounds for several of my Carabelle projects.

As always, thanks ever so much for your on-going enthusiasm and support.



  1. Love this plate!! As soon as it's available here, I'm getting it!! Gorgeous work!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!


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