Thursday, 10 March 2016

Messy, messy WIP

I know that I can do neat and pretty journal pages but the truth is, I don't always want to. Sometimes I just want to be messy and free, and enjoy the art for the process and not the outcome. 

The more I work in my black Dylusions journal the more I love it. The black pages give a grungy look which I love working on. I started my pages with some white gesso but I applied it messily and left plenty of space around the edges.

My pages usually go through through a few transformations along the way as I change my mind, or want to add a few more layers. Here I stamped my new colour wheel from my Doodles cube stamp to make 'bullet points' down my page, but this got changed a little along the way ....

I used some of my hand carved (Speedball) stamps:

And I added scribbly writing and doodles:

But then I decided I didn't like the bullet point colour wheels as they were, so I stamped them onto inked card, cut them out and added them over the top!

And I had a bit spare from cutting out a wheel so I added it to my doodle! (And spot the washi tape in the top corner - I just love a bit of washi!)

And on the opposite side of the page (I always work backwards ??? No idea why?!) is a work in progress. I am just enjoying adding layers of colour :-)

Not sure what I'm going to add next ... I'm just going to leave it to sit on my desk for a while until it spake to me ...

Byee for now!


  1. So love your freedom Kate. Somehow - as hard as I try - I always revert back to a more "tailored" look!! You are sooooooooooooooo inspiring to me. This is just what I need to see... YOU being MESSY - ehehheeheh - RX for successful unleashing of the LOVELINESS!!! FABULOUS! XX j.

  2. I love both your pages a lot!!!I really need to learn to get messy in my journals. I always tend to overthink it too much.

    xx Monica

  3. Looking great Kate ! Black background does the trick too !

  4. Always love your vibrant style!


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