Monday, 20 July 2015

More mandalas!

Well, I have decided that mandala painting is a little addictive. There's just something so soothing about going round in circles..... This time I wanted my mandala to be a little less structured so the main rainbow colours have been painted with my hands to get rid of any harsh joining lines. I used DecoArt fluid acrylics from the Media line, with the tinting base to allow me to build up layers of colour. (I am in love with the tinting base!)

I added some touches of collage using scans of my own backgrounds and a little moth for the centre.

I almost did this in my journal but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to paint it on wooden box frame.

 And I used some of my mark-making techniques (see this blog post here) to fill in around the edges.

It's the summer holidays here in the UK which means we ditch the routine for a few weeks (hurrah!) but it also means I step away from the art a little and concentrate on spending some quality time with my kids. I'll still be around I just won't be as productive for a few weeks!

I'll leave you with some pictures from our first summer holiday outing yesterday to the seaside. Noe, this is what I call a bit of driftwood! How I wish this would have fit in the car ...

Byee for now. Have a wonderful summer wherever you are!


  1. woweeee that is a humdigger piece of driftwood, could you paint it in situ!!!!

  2. I'm loving this mandala! The colors and shapes are so soothing. I feel like this would be great on the wall to inspire positivity in a new day. So glad I found your blog.

  3. Love this mandala & that driftwood is really amazing !!

  4. Fabulous mandala! Almost looks like a clock face... Now there's an idea, Jo x

  5. LOVED seeing your Mandala and you are right... wish the driftwood could have gone with you!!! The colors in the mandala are wonderful as are all the designs... so glad it's on wood and can be displayed - to pretty to close up in a journal this time!!! Happy summer Kate. j.

  6. Am loving the mandalas lovely colours. What a pity the driftwood is so big it would look lovely out in the garden x

  7. Thank you for inspiring us with your wonderful mandalas Kate!
    That driftwood is fabulous, the colours and textures are so inspiring too.
    Have a very happy Summer,
    Alison x


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