Monday, 2 December 2019

Made it ....almost!

Well, I ALMOST made to thought the fabulous challenge of 30 days of At stamps by Carabelle Studio. I got a little bit behind towards the end and missed three .... grrrrr! The lack of symmetry is going to really annoy me so I may have to catch up.

It was such a fun challenge as I LOVE anything teeny tiny :-) I have so many scraps of Gel Press prints to use as obviously I can't ever throw anything away no matter how small, so they came in super-handy for quick backgrounds.

Thanks to Carabelle for organising such a fun challenge especially to Ana Bondu for co-ordinating it all, and of course to all who joined in the challenge.



  1. Loved all of these, Kate. Had to buy the stamp!��

  2. Made it or not, they are ALL gorgeous!!! Your art continues to be fresh, colorful and inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing with us all! :)

  3. These are beautiful and so colorful and wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Could you please tell me where to purchase the stamp? I can't find it on-line. Thanks and bright blessings

    1. Not sure where in the world you are Jane but in the UK it's available from Art from the Heart Or it's available direct from Carabelle in France:,fr,4,SA70156.cfm

  4. They look wonderful! Royal Mail should make them into real stamps!


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