Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The 'C' word

Is to too early? Hmmm, I usually have a reputation as a bit of a scrooge - you know, a decorations up on Christmas Eve and down on Boxing Day type .... But I got hold of some Grafix White Plastic (opaque) and I really really wanted to have a play. In a previous video for Gel Press I enjoyed making a wrap for a candle holder (see my video here) and wanted to make some more with a Christmas feel.

I took out my alcohol inks. I go through phases of using these, and when I haven't used them for a while I am always surprised and reminded of how beautiful colourful and vibrant they are! Such yummy colour :-)

I cut some simple triangular trees and then tried a hole punch. Yes, I discovered, you CAN punch through plastic.

Then I wondered if I could stamp over alcohol ink on the plastic. Yes, again.

Stamp: Round and Around by Carabelle Studio

If I'm going to like a substrate, and I mean really like it, it has to take my white pen. Yes, again :-)

And of course, I always want to stitch on things!

I had a bit of my inked plastic leftover. All the pools of alcohol ink were really giving me the 60s feels! 

 I cut more circle shapes and layered them. And now I can change my candle wrap for a different look.

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  1. love how you put things together. and the color palette. need more energetic hours in the day to try everything I want to try. thanks as always for sharing.


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